Saturday, August 06, 2011

Teen camp and wet paint and renting out our house

I didn't sleep well last night because I started to think about renting out our house. The worlds economy is looking pretty bad right now. Juergen read an article in a German paper that said people should only buy a house if they are going to live there (in other words no investment property). I am beginning to see houses dumped on the market at really low prices. I think it's smarter to just hold the house for a few years. Lets see this storm pass by...lets not panic sell! So if we don't see a buyer, we are going to start to look for a renter. A long term renter. I may post something at church tomorrow. I think that's the wise thing to do right now. We won't be making any money, just not losing too much (we hope). But we will need to redo the hardwood floors in the living room, paint, put in new flooring in the bedrooms, and do some yard work. I wish it were not the case...but it's such a bad economy right now. we think we will rent our house out for 5 years.

I worked on painting our new house. Philip and I painted almost all of the entrance hall today. It's a real pale terracotta. I love it! Juergen is finishing up the top of the walls and painting the bottom of the stairs. I met one of the neighbors. She is a major plant lover. Her garden is lovely! I think we will be friends!

Juergen picked Thomas up from camp. Nicole stayed behind (I'm sad I didn't see her). She is helping them prep for the kids camp. That begins tomorrow. I want to ask Thomas how it went, but I don't want Philip to hear. But I have a few photos from Nicole's camera. I'll have to talk to Thomas after Philip is gone (keep the surprise). I think I'll also be the one taking Philip to camp. I have to get a hug from Nicole. I miss her so much!

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Shelley said...

Seems like a good plan.
We are considering renting out the back part of our house after the house is painted to help finance future house projects. Like building a kitchenette in the great hall and a deck in the back yard.