Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, finally an update

Juergen has an Internet stick so I'm using that. It's been an over whelming few days. The move went well, but it was a bigger job then I imagined. I wanted to kick myself for not being more organized. The truth is I'm not just moving myself! And Jessica for example wouldn't even come into the house. She wanted to sit in the garden on the hottest day of the year. It was so frustrating! We had help from some really wonderful friends. My heart is blessed from the friends. We have made some good progress in the past few days. I'll be happy to be able to share photos when I'm back online in a few days.
We will not have a kitchen until next week. We need help with the pipes and we can not get that until next week. So we are trying to finish the boys bedrooms. It's hard to find the energy to keep working hard everyday. I'm really tired. The kids are playing all day long. They basically can not do more. They have given it all they could. But they love the garden. They play well. It's pretty great to see. Our TV isn't hooked up, but we don't miss it.
It's been a very hot day, and now we are getting a pretty good storm. I only wanted to take a minute to say we are alive. We are trying to dig our way out of boxes. I haven't been back to Leimen to make any calls. Sorry. I'm probably going to be overwhelmed for a few more days or weeks. Lets hope it's only a few days. We are trying the best we can.

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