Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I took 2 trips to pick up over 43 m² ( or 462 feet ) of Jadestone tile. That was back breaking! It's beautiful and cost tons! But I hope it's worth the effort! Sarah was very well spoiled! She came home a very happy and relaxed kid! Juergen and Philip are still hammering away at the basement wall. They finished the giant hole for Thomas' window, and they should take another day for Philip's window. It's so crazy! These 2 holes have taken over 2 weeks to make. But I'm sure Juergen has saved us over 6000 Euros by doing this work himself! The boys will have big beautiful windows in their rooms. That will make a big difference in how they feel. Nicole and Thomas are almost done with the painting of Nicole's bedroom. I'm home packing! I plan to take one more trip to the building supply store to buy tile for our kitchen backsplash. Maybe I'll get photos for you. The progress is impressive! I feel like the A team..."I love it when a plan comes together"!!!

Oh, and one more cool thing. Juergen found us a sod cutter. This is a machine that cuts grass into rolls. So we hope to rent the sod cutter to prepare our flower beds. I think we will have to move the plants after the move. I'm not sure we have the time to finish both the boys bedrooms before we move. We will focus on Thomas' room, and finish what we can of Philip's room as soon as we can (that maybe after the move). It just may not be possible to finish both rooms in time. But Juergen has all of next week off. We haven't sold or rented our house, so I guess we can take all of September to move the plants. Nicole doesn’t start school until October. I don’t want to move the plants until I’ve prepared the flower beds properly. I want my plants to survive the move! It will probably take me a week to prepare the flower beds. I am trying to put them in beds that will be low maintenance. I love flowers but I don’t have the time to weed large garden beds! It’s going to save me lots of time if I take the time to prepare the flower beds first! My parents will be happy to know I will get rid of the grass first!

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