Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 2 of renovation

I praise God for the friends that have helped us with our renovation. Really it does bless us! The task is pretty big, but I have hope we can get allot done. And not everything "needs" to be done. A house doesn't need to be perfect on day one! Today I have to figure out how I can work, and keep Jessica safe and happy. Our babysitter is taking final exams at the University. She starts a new job on Friday... oh well! Glad for her, bad timing for us! But I am really happy to just be in the house. It feels so good to spend hours there. I can see the windows really need work. I can imagine better how well every things going to fit/not fit. I love the house! I especially love the garden! I'm so tempted to forget everything and just start renovating that garden. But I need to control myself! Paint is the word! But believe me, that garden will be lovely!

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