Friday, April 29, 2011

Please pray

Juergen took the day off to work on our house. I listed our house for sale on a new site. We have gotten a dozen replies already. One of the people that replied is the brother of one of our neighbors (from across the street). We wanted to wait and do one open house on May 14Th. They said they really want to see our house now. They would love to live near each other. And the daughter of our next door neighbor is also interested in seeing the house (as a rental). It's encouraging! We will show the house to the brother of the neighbor across the street tomorrow afternoon. I prayed (even a month ago) that this neighbor would have a friend buy our house. They have younger kids. Cousins living close to each other...what a gift that would be! I would be so blessed if they would buy our house! I would also be blessed to have it sold, and not to have any worry about it! That would be such grace! Please pray the brothers family loves our house, and buys it right away! The bathroom is not finished. The garden is not very clean. We are still working on things. We planed to show it May 14th. But they said this does not matter. They really love the location! They have been looking in our area. It could be a very good thing for them and for us. I want the family that gets our house to be very happy here!

Juergen is painting today. He is not happy with his messy spray gun! It is not very neat...

Juergen is also at our new house with the architect. Hopefully everything is in good order. The bank said we were getting a very good deal! And we want some idea of the cost of renovation. We should get some answers today.

I saw the wedding today. It was on at noon our time. I went to a birthday party first. then came home early for the wedding. Sarah loved watching a princess get married! It was beautiful! I think it is good to see a future king and a royal wedding. We are the bride of Christ (the Church is). We will be part of a royal wedding too.

last published words of David Wilkerson

To believe when all means fail is exceedingly pleasing to God and is most acceptable. Those were the last published words of David Wilkerson.
Thursday, 08:51 PM EDT

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a wrap

I spent 3 or 4 hours with the kids wrapping 4 flights of stairs with paper and tape. I hope it only takes Juergen one hour to paint the stairway. He has the new paint sprayer.

Last night Sarah helped him paint the kitchen. We also cleaned all the woodwork. The door frames and the doors. We are making good progress. We should be ready to show the house when the bathroom is finished. The plumber will be done with all the new pipes and bath tub and shower, and heat tomorrow. Then comes the tile.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the news of today

I drove Nicole to the University of Karlsruhe to drop off her art portfolio. She finds out in July if they will invite her to an interview (maybe June). She was the only one with a handmade portfolio that was also an art piece. I hope the professors appreciate the work she went to. I think her creativity is awesome, but maybe they will see it in another light? I think they will value her creativity? It is an art academy.

The people are here working on the bathroom today, and tomorrow. It's loud. And the kids are home on vacation. The kids run in and out. The dog barks. It's loud! My head hurts! The bathroom will take one more week...maybe 10 days. They took our shower out today, so no shower for another week. The bank took pictures of the house we are buying. They said we are getting a very good deal. I guess I feel a little over whelmed. I need God's grace today. I should not try to think too far ahead...I just need help for this day!

Today Sarah decided to play guitar. So Nicole gave her one of her small guitars. Sarah also helped me make an awesome dinner from the leftover beef we had for Easter. It was Beef Stroganoff…and boy was it good! Jessica has been in a really great mood. I am talking with her daily about Berlin. Hopefully she will be OK to go on Monday. I have bought her a new suitcase as an Easter gift. Today I bought her a really cute jeans jacket. I’m going to sew beads on her jacket to make it even cuter. Juergen is painting the kitchen tonight. I bought a nice sand colored paint. It should brighten the room up. We have not painted the kitchen for 8 years.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm thinking about how we can save energy costs in our new (old) house. I think a biomass boiler working with the oil boiler would be a wise thing to add.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The new washer

So a family of 7 can not live long with out a washer. We looked online and found this super sized machine (11 kg) on sale on Amazon. We got an extra 5 year warrantee. It will hopefully come by Wed. I talked Juergen into the bigger machine. We have an 8 kg machine now. But I use the washer 2- 3 times per day (some times even more). I maybe able to cut the use in half, or at least by one third. Less use will mean less wear and tear on the machine. Also less work for me. And we should be able to hang the cloths up on clothlines in the basement furnace room. This way we will save money and energy by not using a cloths dryer. So even if the unexpected cost hurts, I think we made a wise investment. Hope you had a nice Easter. All our days are very full but also pretty good. I feel glad!

Happy Easter

Juergen taught Philip's Sunday school class today. Nicole taught another class. The kids were very happy with the chocolate goodness and toys I gave them. We had a big dinner. Then the kids played outside. They are still outside (it's been 5 or 6 hours). I debated over working or resting. I rested a bit. It is a "holy day". I love Jesus everyday but I'm not very "religious". I feel pushed to get things done. I figured I would feel so much better cleaning Sarah's room. So I cleaned her room and Juergen used the upholstery cleaner to clean the sofas. It felt good to get those things done. I don't want to dishonor God by working today. But God knows my heart. I didn't disturb the neighbors by being loud. And I didn't forget God today. I just wanted to make progress...and it was relaxing to finish one more thing. Our washing machine is totally broken. It's been dying for awhile...but today it really died! So we have to buy another big machine. I wore that poor thing out! I'm sure I used it 2 or 3 times a day for 5 years straight. That's one major expense we were not counting on. This is going to be a very costly year. But anyway, I feel better I got one thing done.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

just listed our house for sale

I just put an ad online for our house. We still need the bathroom to be finished. God willing that will be done in another week. We bought the tile today. It's lovely! An off white wall tile with a sandy colored floor. The boarder tile is browns and rusts. It will be a very nice bathroom.

Here is the ad. Feel free to pass it on to anyone you know that is looking for a house.

sorting stuff

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thai Food

I took Philip, Nicole and Thomas out to lunch at a Thai place. We sat in the sun and it felt so good! Juergen took Sarah and Jessica to a park, and for a train ride (I don't have pictures of that). It's good Friday so I'm not working. I will get back to the task tomorrow. I have so much to do. But today I'm resting.

He died

I like to live and think of Jesus rising from the dead, not that he died. But the fact that he died for me is very important. Without him I am dirt! All my sins are black like the junk that builds up in the cracks of my dishwasher. Black, rotten and smelly! But Jesus has died for my sins. I am always asking for his forgiveness. And once I am forgiven, it is forgotten. He doesn't keep a big book of past wrongs. He forgives. I guess if anything, I should learn to be more like him. My kids are always breaking things, yelling, hitting, and bothering each other. We get to the place of forgiveness, but I have a hard time forgetting. Perhaps God has the advantage, he sees what we will be...not what we are. Maybe I need to get a vision of what they are becoming, not the hard headed, arrogant selfish teenagers they are right now. But Jesus died for them too. And by his grace he will do a good work ...

I've always loved this picture of the boys in Thailand. Sin is like the smelly dirt in my dishwasher, but Jesus died for our sin. Once he washes us clean, he doesn't remember the sin. I don't keep remembering last weeks dirt either. The Bible says ...

Micah 7:19 He will again have compassion on us;
he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.

You need to deal with sin just like you need to deal with dirt. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away. But once you deal with it, you have freedom!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I say no to Berlin!

Here is Nicole's finished box. I think it's pretty cool! I also have a photo of the award Thomas just got for playing soccer. His team won. It was a school tournament. He was the goal keeper! Good job Thomas!!!! I'm pretty stressed over a situation at Jessica's school. Her class is going to Berlin May 2-6. But Jess has become really violent and aggressive at school. I guess she has been hitting and pinching other kids and teachers. This has gone on for 3 weeks, but they never told us. Then last night I went to the parent night. They told me about Jessica's problem and asked me why this is happening! Like I had the answer! Jess is fine (even sweet) at home. I had zero idea this was happening. After some thought it became clear to Juergen and I Berlin (or the anxiety about the trip) is the problem. And with all the changes Jess needs to deal with right now, I do not think she should be forced to go. She has to move to a new school. That is a big enough challenge for her. This trip is pushing her over the edge. Unless she clearly says (writes) she wants to go to Berlin, we are not going to send her. I know that one of her teachers has gone to a great deal of work planning and preparing this trip. She will not be happy if we keep Jess home. But she is also angry that Jessica is such a problem in school. She is angry that Jessica is so aggressive. So we have to make the choice to disappoint this teacher, because we are only considering what is best for Jessica. In any normal season a trip would be good for Jessica, but Jessica is also going to do a practical week at the new school. In this context we feel it's just too much change at once! I basically got no sleep thinking about this situation. I am sure that Berlin is the problem. It’s not like Jessica has never gone anywhere before. I feel like the only stress she should have to deal with is the stress of a new school. That is stress enough.

UP DATE: I guess Jess wrote that she would like to go to Berlin with her class. It is the fact that she will have to change schools that is stressing her out. Now she would have to change schools even if we did not move. She is almost 20 years old. It is time to move on. I do not know what to think. We have a meeting about funding for the new placement May 17Th. If she gets the funding for her personal aide, we will probably allow her to accept the placement. If she doesn't get an aide, I will most likely keep her at home. I would keep looking for a better option, but I'm not placing her in Bruchsal with out an aide. And then only with a good aide! I do not have any stress about this. I am trusting God for direction. I am sure things will become clear in time. But as far as Berlin, I will just have to see how Jessica is doing in a week. If she seems OK, and wants to go I'll let her go. But if she looks like she will totally freak out, I will keep her at home. I know her teachers have gone to a great bit of trouble to make this work, and I hope it does work. But I will not send her just to send her! I need to have peace that it is best for Jessica. And Jessica will show us how she feels...if she really feels OK going. That is one good thing about being home. I can keep her at home if it's righ. I don't feel the added stress of finding someone to watch her because of my job.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more work done

Today I cleaned out the attic storage. I had to go through so much...and deal with so much dust! But it's nearly done. Juergen is trying to get the boys to work...trying being the key word. They are trying to out lazy each other. It's not a pretty age! The sorting stage is nearly finished. We move on to the painting and cleaning stage next. I am so tired! I'm glad we don't move all the time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the box

The day went very well. We tossed out a Mt of stuff. The good stuff is already gone. People drive around and take what is good. The real junk gets picked up tomorrow morning. We got some more sorting done, and loads of stuff gets taken to the second hand shop! Juergen talked to a lady who wanted our old toys. She runs a day care center. She also knows a family that wants to buy a house. So who knows? Maybe our old toys will help us sell our house? Juergen has one more day home then he goes back to work for 2 days. Then he has at least 4 days off because of Easter. He may take a few days off next week too. I'm encouraged we will get our house ready to sell by May.
Nicole is also busy getting ready to hand in her portfolio. She is making a box to put the art in (my idea). I had a dream that she handed her art in to the academy in a box that looked like a house. So Nicole made a box from cardboard. Now she is painting it. It is going to be great! I found an old satin sheet she can line the box with. Juergen will drive her to the University to hand the portfolio in. We are all pretty excited! I hope she gets accepted! She has been a great artist her whole life! What a dream to study art for 5 years at a real Art Academy! Anyway, the box is very cool! it was my idea but I could never create such a cool box!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not my stuff...not my house

When I clear everything out of the house I'm trying to picture how the place might look to others. I can not see it as my stuff. Instead I must see it as a house that is for sale. All my extra stuff is valuable to me, but is it so valuable I'm willing to keep it and have it clutter up my house? What if it takes us months and months to sell? Is my stuff worth the extra months? That's going to cost us allot of money. Do I want the stuff that much? I need to be ready to just toss it out! Our house needs to be clean, and clear of all the clutter. This is so hard! I will be brave...I will just toss it! Please pray for me to just toss it all! Nothing is worth the extra months of our house on the market. It all should just go!

a new list...and it's a long one!

Tomorrow we go through the house and toss out all sorts of stuff. It gets picked up on Tuesday. All the old electronic stuff, extra furniture etc...
It will take all day to go through the house top to bottom and toss, toss, toss!
And then we finish packing away what is "extra". Extra dishes, extra chairs, extra everything. Most people do not have 5 kids and an extra large table. We have to take a leaf out of the table and store 2 chairs. This will make the dining room bigger. We may put book selves in storage etc... Our house is too full. We have 7 people living here. It is really a house for 4 or 5 people. And then comes the painting, and cleaning. Washing door frames, cleaning windows, waxing floors! I get tired just thinking about it! But it has to happen! Then we buy small things like hallway rugs, and new bath towels. It's all for the look of things. And new flowers by the front door! A new welcome mat. Maybe even new furniture in the front hallway (new coat hangers). Juergen only has until Tuesday. Then maybe he can take more days off next week. Friday and next Monday are holidays. But we shouldn't work on good Friday. I actually rested today too. If I can sleep (and not worry all night) I should be rested for the next push to get things done! God please give us grace. We will try our best...but we are never going to be perfect!

Is there hope for Jessica?

Jessica was perfect, and then she lost all her skills. I believe she caught something. She has a blood flow problem in her brain. From all I can see she caught something that has made her really sick. I pray I can find out what it is, and treat it. Yes she is almost 20 years old. Could she be normal? Normal after all these years? I don't know...but maybe she can at least be better. I have never given up hope of finding help for her. I wish I knew then what is known today...and maybe Jessica would be applying for Universities. But God is so big...and maybe she can recover from this nightmare?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

getting it done

Juergen got so much done today! I had a list and he finished it today! I am done sorting my bedroom. I had 2 giant bags of cloths to give away. Now I'm busy going through the storage room. It's full of the kids first grade art, toys and baby cloths. I'll keep most of this stuff, but there are things to toss. It's amazing how much junk has piled up over the years. It's a very good time to toss things. Juergen is very happy because he just loves to get rid of stuff! The worker did not come to do the bathroom today. His hand was bothering him. He needed to give it a rest. I sure hope he is able to finish the job! Juergen also bought himself a new toy...a paint gun! I wanted a paint gun...and I know we will use it allot!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We need 2 more what if

We need 2 more bedrooms for the boys. I'm trying to think "outside the box". What if we turned the kitchen into 2 bedrooms? The kitchen actually was the living room. The present owners turned it into a kitchen, and the kitchen into a bedroom. I'm thinking we could put the kitchen back where it originally was (smaller but big enough). Then the larger room could be split into 2 rooms for the boys.

This photo is of Philip and Thomas in the living room of the house in 2007.

Bathroom Guitar

Juergen stayed home today and we got so much done! We cleaned out the storage room, sorted books and cloths, got rid of old coats, made phone calls, cleaned off one balcony and planted heirloom tomato's. The bathroom is empty and acoustics are pretty good! Nicole and Juergen practiced guitar together. It was so great to hear. We just have to find the space for a music room in the new house! God willing they tear the old bathroom apart and start replacing the pipes tomorrow. This video doesn’t really do them justice! They sound so great together!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now to get it done

Juergen is taking a few days off so we can get the house ready to sell. They also begin work on the bathroom Friday. So I hope we can make some good progress. I've been cleaning and packing...but I know the 2 of us together will really get it done! The neighbors son in law may want to buy our house as a rental house. Please pray about this. It would be so great not to have to list our house, and show it dozens of times! That would be such a great gift!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Filla Heymann

Jessica is 19 years old. She has autism. She can not talk, but she can write. Recently she wrote her teacher. She said there was good news, we have found a Filla to buy. So she is glad we will be moving to a new house, and perhaps Filla is a better name then Villa! Juergen is so afraid we will fill the house with all our junk. He is determind we get rid of lots and lots of stuff! So from now on we are are not buying a is a filla!

Happy Birthday Shelley!

Happy Birthday Shelley! I know you are going to have a wonderful day at the zoo! I love you lot's and lot's!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love the sunshine

It was a beautiful day to take a walk. Juergen, Thomas, Sarah and I walked around gardens and along a stream. We also saw glider planes. Then we got ice cream. It is such a lovely spring! I was glad to get away from the boxes that are piling up around the house. Juergen preached this morning, and he will preach again tonight. I guess it went well. I stayed home to watch Jessica so I didn't get to hear him.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A good day

Sarah and I planted 9 window boxes today. I have 3 balcony's to cover with flowers. And I did allot of sorting. I gave Juergen 4 large boxes of stuff to give away. That makes him very happy. I'm taking the kids to see the movie Rio in English. They show movies in English in Mannheim. I don't generally get to see my movies in English. I'm happy about this! Juergen is preaching the sermon at our church tomorrow. He needs me to get the kids out of the house so he can prepare.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Trying to figure it out

I did a sample add on Immoblien scott (an on line real estate site) today. I didn't post it yet, but figured out how to post an add with them. They cost 99 Euro for 3 months, but everyone reads their site. I have to finish packing and cleaning before I post anything. We also need to get the bathroom finished. They start the bathroom next week (God willing). The material for the new bathroom is in the garage, so my boxes are still in the living room. In fact we can hardly walk in the living room. I cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets with bleach today. I also washed all the stuff I had stored up there. That's all packed away. I will get rid of some of it. And I scrubbed under the base boards. If I don't get a good price for my kitchen, I may just keep it. I'm afraid I also bought 6 more window boxes and flowers for those boxes. We have 3 balconies. I figure its good curb appeal to have beautiful flowers everywhere. So tomorrow I'll plan to plant window boxes. I'm also cleaning out a storage room so I can put boxes there. There is so much in my living room it feels like I'm making no progress. But I know that's not true!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some garden work

The weather is so nice I could not stay inside! I started to plant hanging baskets and window boxes. I also bought some lettuce starts. Yesterday we planted about 300 seeds. We will have flowers, tomatoes, and other veggies in about 4-6 weeks. Juergen and I got to go out to breakfast together. That was very special. I guess I'll get back to the cleaning and packing tomorrow! I just couldn't pass up the sunshine! I'm putting rock garden plants and perennials in my window boxes. They had them on sale at the store. I know they will out grow the boxes, but I want them in my new garden. I figure they will be better off being in a smaller space this season, and I'll transplant them in the fall! It’s very exciting to think of the space we will have! Hopefully everything will work out Ok. I had a hard time sleeping because I’m so nervous about selling our house. I hope and pray we can sell it right away. I do not want to be spending money on 2 houses. We couldn’t afford that for 2 long…and it’s such a huge waste of money! But God knows what we need. I can do my best…but the real control belongs to God, and not me!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

For sale

I'm building a new blog to sell our house. The blog only has a few photo's so far. It's also in German. If you want to buy a REH in Leimen by Heidelberg then please contact us. We should be ready to place the house on the market in 2 or 3 weeks. We had the martial for the bathroom delivered today. They start the renovation next week (God willing). It should be a very nice bathroom. I worked in the garden today. It felt good to be outside. Sarah is sick. She stayed home from school today. It looks like she will be home again tomorrow. I also had to pick Thomas up early. He got a bump on the head playing soccer. He is better tonight.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I can be perfect if I really, really, really try (not)!

I know people that have perfect houses (maybe you know them too). They wouldn't need a month or 2 to get their house ready to sell. When you walk into their homes you know that they probably pulled the refrigerator away from the wall and cleaned. I wish I was more like that, but I am far from perfect. I did pull the refrigerator away from the wall today...and I'm so glad I have a strong stomach! I am thinking about getting boxes and basically emptying out the kitchen. Then I will clean everything. I might even paint. Then I'll just put back the minimum amount of stuff. I read that the kitchen and bathroom are what sells a house. Our bathroom is being renovated beginning this weekend. We did not try to save money on the materials. It will be done well. We want to have it as a strong selling point. And the kitchen needs to be perfect too. So I have my work cut out for me. Am I intimidated? You bet I am! Very intimidated! I figure I can get the house ready to show in a month. And to help things along I have a plan...I really know how to pray. I am not close to perfect, but the prayers of this less then perfect house wife avail much!

Friday, April 01, 2011

from the busy week

Here are some photos from the busy week. Thomas got to play drums in a band for the first time! I was very proud! He did great. He now wants to learn electric guitar. I don’t want him messing with Juergens e-guitar. I’m going to look for something less expensive on e bay. Nicole worked the sound board for the first time too! She also did super!
Nicole is preparing a portfolio of her Art. It needs to go to the Art Academy by the end of the month. She has to give them between 10 and 20 original pieces.