Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A big day!

Today Juergen and I went to the notary appointment and signed the sale contact on our house in Leimen. We bought that house 10 years ago, and have not lived there for over 2 years. It will take another 6 weeks before we can stop paying the mortgage, but the end is in sight. And I'm very happy we will soon be able to move on without the responsibility of this house. To be honest, it has not hit me yet. I guess I will feel it when the money starts to flow and I no longer have the responsibility for the house. I know things can still go wrong. I want to celebrate but I guess I need to wait until the middle of December. The deal will be final in December (I hope)! In the meantime, we let them have the keys to paint and renovate. We didn’t need to do that, but felt no reason not to. They are putting in new doors and a fireplace. If they don’t pay for the house we can keep the new doors and fireplace. The handyman they are using is a friend of ours. They are a little overwhelmed. They have to renovate and move. They have to cover the taxes and most of the costs. And they expect their first child in just 2 weeks. We only had to sign a paper. I’m grateful they are going to buy the house. They seem like a really nice family and I wish them all happiness! We signed the papers and set into motion what we have desired for 3 years now. I expected to feel more. It really will take a while for this to feel real.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Philip is going to America

I managed to buy Philip a ticket to America, so my son will travel with me next month to see the family :) Does anyone know what cool movies are being released on Thanksgiving weekend? We should see one good film…or at least try! And this means I have more luggage space to bring more gifts! More gifts there and more space for stuff I bring home! It will be fun to do some Christmas shopping in the USA! I hope the Euro is high! And he can help in Grandpas garden, and we can take Grandpa out to eat shrimp!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My birthday

I'm having a very nice birthday. Juergen took the morning off and took Philip, Thomas and I out to breakfast. And Philip agreed to go to America with me for Thanksgiving. So if I can get a ticket, Philip will travel with me. And when we got home, a very big truck arrived with 2 tons of good soil for my garden. It will take us awhile to move that mountain of dirt, but it is beautiful! I got many phone calls and loads of e mails. And a very good friend came for coffee. The kids have fall vacation right now. I've planned a birthday party in a few weeks. My birthday always lands in the vacation. We are watching a new DVD and eating Pizza for dinner. I'm so thankful for my friends and family. I have a really good life. God has richly blessed me.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

new beds in the garden

Juergen was thinking of having a bath tub built in our bathroom. I love baths but we don't actually have a tub. But if we built a tub, we would also replace the bathroom tile. And it would cost at least 2000 Euro. Most likely more...much more. And I don't feel comfortable with the costs. I want to have the house painted next year, and we have Juergen's 55th birthday party, and our 25th wedding anniversary, and our kids really want to travel to Thailand again (and so do I). So I said we better wait on the new bathroom. Instead I asked Juergen to build me some more raised garden beds from shipping pallets. And he did. They look awesome! I'll post pictures when the soil is delivered. So I got shipping pallets and dirt for my birthday gift...and a day of help in the garden. And I'm very happy with that! My birthday is on Monday and I'm going to be 52 believe it or not. I forget my age. I was thinking I was going to be 53. I even wrote 53 on my birthday party invitations, and had to change it to 52. I really should remember stuff like that!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

No to Cyprus

Roy Godwin will be the speaker for Nicole's last week of her internship in Cyprus. He wrote the book "The Grace outpouring". We would have loved to see Juergen go and hear him. But I guess allot of other people had that same idea and they do not have the room for more people. They want to keep it very small so they are saying no to everyone. And I totally understand. So Nicole is very privileged to have the week with a small group in Cyprus and we blessed to have the week with Juergen. It was awesome to consider! Maybe Juergen will need to go to Wales?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Taste of Cyprus by - watch it in HD!


We have a notary appointment on October 30th to sell the house in Leimen! I’m so happy it will be legally sold. We will still need to pay the mortgage until the banks figure it all out. But it will all be settled soon! What a gift! I’m so grateful for a good buyer. It took 3 years but this chapter can finally be closed. And maybe Juergen can go to Cyprus for a week? That would be the first week of November. Roy Godwin will be the speaker for Nicole’s last week of her internship. He wrote the book “The Grace Outpouring”. We were hoping Juergen could rent a room on the beach, soak up some good sun and hear Roy Godwin teach. Then fly home with Nicole. That would only be possible if we didn’t have to worry about the notary appointment. But now that week is free…so maybe it could work out. I hope so.

Monday, October 21, 2013

own 25th anniversary party

Nicole posted a few new pictures on her face book. Her painting of her room is almost done and I like it. And she is keeping busy. I guess we are busy too because I have not posted much in the past weeks. We got to go to a friend’s 25th wedding anniversary party. It was held at a castle and the view was very good. The food and company was also wonderful. It got Juergen and me thinking about our own 25th anniversary party in 2 years. It's going to take some planning and money. I don't think we will have it at a castle, but maybe a party at our house with a caterer and live music? We are planning Juergen's 55th Birthday party for next year. I think we will buy another party tent. I will most likely cook to save some money. But we are hoping to have the house painted and finished by then. We even have a date, but we are still checking other calendars before we fix that date. I am hoping my family, and best friend Cindy...and maybe other friends can make it for the Anniversary party in 2 years. We will probably do it in September of 2015 because we want the good weather. And airline ticket prices are better in September. So maybe my family can start to save some money or miles? We will find a vacation house or 2 to keep you in. Maybe we can also plan a trip to Italy?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Juergen Sold our house today!

Juergen showed the house in Leimen on Friday night. And one of the families wanted to see the house again today. And they are going to buy it right away! They are giving us a very good price...and we are very happy! Finally after 3 years we have a good buyer. They have no problem affording it. And they want it now. So a Dr and a teacher will be buying the house. She is going to have a baby soon. And I feel like they will be a blessing to the neighborhood. I could not be happier!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The coolest thing happened today. We got a call from a family that saw our house last week. They asked to see it with their parents today. So Juergen and I showed them the house. And they love it and want very much to buy it. So they will talk with the bank on Tuesday. And I pray they can afford it. They were the nicest family. And they love everything about the house...even the small greenhouse in the back yard. And like me, they want a small vegetable garden. Almost every single party that looked at our house said such awful things...just trying to talk us down on the price. It was hurtful. We put so much work into the house, and love into it. But this family said they have not been able to sleep because they love it. And that was such a gift. I hope they can afford it, but even if it does not work out, I'm grateful for the attitude they had. We are already getting replies on our rental ad. But God knows how much we would love to sell the house.

23 years ago

23 years ago I changed my name and began my new life with the most wonderful person.

for rent or sale

Our house in Leimen still has not sold, so it is on the rental market. It is available now and can be seen. It really is in good condition. A family could just move right in. The garden will be redone in two weeks. There are not many houses with so much space so near Heidelberg. Please pray for us because we are discouraged. This house is taking away too much of our time and money. It would be a big gift just to have this settled. I would have been so happy to sell the house, but I would be also glad just to find a good family to rent it to. Here is more information

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I had a nice talk with Nicole today. She was at an internet cafe on the beach. The connection was not very good so I called her on her phone. She is doing well. The weather there is very nice. She has 2 housemates. One from Norway and the other from Germany. There are 6 interns in total. One from Africa, one from England and the other is also German. She is there for 6 weeks mostly learning about prayer, worship, the prophetic and also art in the church. Nicole is an artist and song writer. I can hardly wait to see what will come out of this time. And the ministry in Cypress prays for and helps aid women who have been trapped in sex trafficking. So she will also help these women, but how I do not know. Juergen shows the house to 6 families tonight. The renter did a really good job cleaning up. Juergen says it looks great. I'm sure it was stressful for them to move and clean. I appreciate the effort. If we don't sell it, I'm finding some pretty cool stuff on eBay. So maybe I will be shopping for used furniture for Leimen. I am hoping it sells. I have plenty of other ways to spend my time and money.