Monday, October 21, 2013

own 25th anniversary party

Nicole posted a few new pictures on her face book. Her painting of her room is almost done and I like it. And she is keeping busy. I guess we are busy too because I have not posted much in the past weeks. We got to go to a friend’s 25th wedding anniversary party. It was held at a castle and the view was very good. The food and company was also wonderful. It got Juergen and me thinking about our own 25th anniversary party in 2 years. It's going to take some planning and money. I don't think we will have it at a castle, but maybe a party at our house with a caterer and live music? We are planning Juergen's 55th Birthday party for next year. I think we will buy another party tent. I will most likely cook to save some money. But we are hoping to have the house painted and finished by then. We even have a date, but we are still checking other calendars before we fix that date. I am hoping my family, and best friend Cindy...and maybe other friends can make it for the Anniversary party in 2 years. We will probably do it in September of 2015 because we want the good weather. And airline ticket prices are better in September. So maybe my family can start to save some money or miles? We will find a vacation house or 2 to keep you in. Maybe we can also plan a trip to Italy?

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