Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We have a notary appointment on October 30th to sell the house in Leimen! I’m so happy it will be legally sold. We will still need to pay the mortgage until the banks figure it all out. But it will all be settled soon! What a gift! I’m so grateful for a good buyer. It took 3 years but this chapter can finally be closed. And maybe Juergen can go to Cyprus for a week? That would be the first week of November. Roy Godwin will be the speaker for Nicole’s last week of her internship. He wrote the book “The Grace Outpouring”. We were hoping Juergen could rent a room on the beach, soak up some good sun and hear Roy Godwin teach. Then fly home with Nicole. That would only be possible if we didn’t have to worry about the notary appointment. But now that week is free…so maybe it could work out. I hope so.

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