Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A fast train

My internet is really messed up.  But Juergen told me that is a problem around the whole country.  I’m really sure why.  I cannot do much on line today.  The internet keeps crashing.  It has been a rainy day.  And it was also the last day of school.  My kids have 6 weeks of vacation.  It will be the last year of school for both Philip and Thomas.  Perhaps they will both move on to more school or some sort of vocational training?  But it’s the last year of their general education.  And Sarah has her last year of grade school this next school year.  Life screams by like a fast train.  Sometimes you wish it would slow down a little.  Thomas, Philip and Sarah are all going to camp next week.  Sarah actually has 3 straight weeks of summer camp.  And Juergen is taking a week off to be at home with me.  I’ve hardly seen him since he got home from America.  He has been busy at work, and taking the kids to this and that.  We don’t really have plans.  I just want us both to get some rest, and spend some good time together.  Nicole will be working, and Jess is at her workshop. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Juergen in Oregon

I took these photos off my sister's face book.  Juergen is in Oregon for a short visit.  He comes home today...or starts coming home.  He isn't due until tomorrow night.  We will be so glad to have him with us again!  

Friday, July 25, 2014

garden work

Nicole is putting soil in pots

our fall seeds

look how big our strawberries are getting.  We started them from seed this year.

The tomatoes are getting ripe

We have many lillys and the smell is wonderful



egg plant




We have 100 plants in the Tomato House

Our wild flowers

A brown fig we got in Italy last year

dahlias we started from tubers

They are still working on our street

This is the mess they made of my front garden, and they need to dig another hole 2 times as large

I'm going to clean out the spring plants and plant fall crops today.  So far we have had a very good garden year!  We have had vine ripped heirloom tomatoes all week.  Soon I’ll have enough tomatoes to start making sauce.  That is what I hope to do in August.  I hand carried a pressure canner from America in April.  I look forward to making soups (using my organic vegetables), and canning them for winter “fast food”.