Friday, July 11, 2014

sad, but oh well

I can hear the workers outside digging up my front garden.  They are replacing all the water pipes on our street (that is good).  But we had to move one of our giant roses, and July is no time to move roses.  It is a mess.  But I'm not looking, I'm letting it go.  I'm sure in a year or two we can get it looking good again.

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Shelley Stuewe said...

I know how you feel.
I worked so hard to get our garden in shape, and because I've injured my neck, shoulder, elbow and wrists. Today they told me it could be 6 months or longer before I'm completely healed.
Which means our garden is going to fall apart.
Sad but at the same time I'm thankful that I can heal.
I have to take a different approach to gardening.