Monday, July 07, 2014

a light in her eyes

I saw a light go on in Sarah’s eyes tonight.  She was jealous because Philip is going to buy a new cell phone tomorrow.  He has saved up the money for the phone, and the contract.  He is very excited!  She was very sour!  But I told her it is her choice how she spends her money.  She has the money for a new phone too (right now she has a basic pre-paid cell phone, not a smart phone).  She wants to go to China and she is saving for the ticket.  That did not help her.  Then I said she isn’t taking dance or horseback riding, instead she plays soccer 3 times per week.  She does not have the time to do it all, she chooses soccer instead of dance.  And then somehow we started to talk about studying at the University.  And that she could study sports medicine one day, or learn to be a soccer coach.  A light went off, I saw it.  She saw her future, and it included 10 years of studying at the University.  And then a new cell phone didn’t seem so important.

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