Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Make Flavored Sugar

Step 1

Measure one cup of white granulated sugar into a zip lock bag.

Step 2

Add one of the following to the sugar:
Zest of one (1) orange or two (2) limes/lemons
One (1) Vanilla Bean
1/4 Cup or small handful of well washed rose or lavender petals

Step 3

Seal zip lock bag, removing as much of the air from the bag as possible.
Set aside for five to seven days.

Step 4

After five to seven days, sift sugar to remove all traces of the added flavor.

Step 5

Storage in an air tight container and use in baking or your favorite drinks to
add flavor, spice and flair.

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments

Less then ideal

My feet hurt because I was shopping all morning. Christmas shopping. I needed to buy stuff for Nicole’s Advent calendar, and Sarah's Christmas gifts. I try to tackle a little bit of the shopping each week. Each of the kids is different and it takes allot of effort and thought to buy their Christmas gifts. I haven't got a clue what to get Juergen, but I'm sure he will buy something for him self. He always does!
Christmas can be stressful for me. I do the decorating, cooking, Advent calendars, and gifts. Juergen brings home the money (no minor thing), but he doesn't feel the weight of the kids expectations. I want it to be nice for them. The nice part for me is just drinking my coffee and listening to the kids play. And if I've done my job well, they are very excited and happy. I actually do not care if I get anything else. I have everything I need, everything I want (well except a farm house, and that will not fit under a tree).
I remember my childhood Christmas's. My brother always got the good stuff. He got the cool hot wheels, and the official NFL football and uniform. I got bathrobes and sweaters. But it was always wonderful for ideal time. Jesus was born in less then ideal circumstances. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for Mary to travel on a donkey when she was about to give birth. How awful to have no place to go, no room or hospital. The very best God has to give us comes in less then ideal circumstances. I thought I would mention this in case some of you are stressed out. I want gifts money can not buy. Joy and peace, good health and freedom do not come in a box. And I want my eyes to be open so I can appreciate how blessed I really am. I'm drinking my tea and thinking ...just thinking. The warm black tea taste so good. I think I’ll put on some Christmas music and just give myself a half hour to enjoy this season. I’m making it a goal to enjoy this holiday…not just survive it! Can you relate?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

eBay and Christmas

Today I put up my Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates. I also bid on another 5 plates that are listed on eBay. While I was at it I bid on some old Christmas ornaments (all 1950's glass tree ornaments). I would love to basically get rid of all my cheap stuff, and replace it with antiques. I think I'll pull all the Christmas stuff out and start sorting everything. I can take the boxes of extra stuff to the second hand store. I have allot of cheap Christmas stuff I bought for when the kids were very little. I think I can get rid of it now.

I remember when I was little, my Grandma Moreno had many nice miniatures that she put under her tree. I loved those…I wish I had them today! But you can find really cool stuff on German eBay. Last year I got an angle for my tree top. It has a porcelain face and gold paper wings. It was made for the Christmas market in Nuremberg in 1905.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now this is the way to use your junk mail!

this is so can make your own pellets from grass clippings

Biomass pellets

This farm house I like needs a new heating system. I am looking at pellet heaters in combination with a little solar. Not only is it good for the environment, it makes us more energy independent. No, Juergen hasn’t said yes to the house…but he said we could find out what the renovation cost are. That’s what I’m doing.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A special Thanks giving for my sister Shelley!

My sister Shelley's daughter came for a surprise visit. I just love this video! How great! I wish I was there.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Juergen went into work late so he could have breakfast with me. He remembered it was thanks giving and he wanted to do something special for me. Clearly that man is at the top of my list of what I am thankful for! My kids are also on my list. Each one of them has grown emotionally, socially, spiritually and in knowledge. I am sorry I can not be with my family back home but so glad my parents and brother each traveled here to see us this year! It's been a very full year. So much life pressed into such a short amount of time!

I'm just finishing Sarah Palins book, Going Rogue. I liked her before the book, but I like her even more now. I especially like her support of disabled kids and their families. She really could just sit down and shut up, who needs the stress...but she is very special. I don't know if she will ever be our President, but she will have influence. Sarah's approval rating is up to 47% and Obamas rating is actually down to 46%...could be interesting!

The above photos are from a family night. Juergen played guitar while I painted with the kids. Thomas is trying to figure out how to work the rubik cube. He is getting pretty good at it.

We didn't eat turkey today but I did cook. I made some noodles with good olive oil, olives, feta cheese and onions and beef. It was pretty good. I'm sure my brother Rick would have loved it. I feel like Sarah Palin when I say, here is a shout out to my family in Oregon. Happy Thanks Giving! I wish I was there but I send you my love!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's going to get ugly fast

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday that the threat of a U.S. or Israeli military strike against Iran was no longer an issue because "they don't have the courage" to attack Iran.

I say, want to bet!

Monday, November 23, 2009

just another day

It's Thanksgiving week in the USA. I read the amazing and hard work my sister is doing in preparation for the big day. I wish I was going to be at her house! Here it's just one more day. Thomas has drum lessons and Nicole has sports so we will not even sit down and eat dinner together. Juergen will most likely drive the kids through the Big M, and I'll eat a bowl of cereal (sad). It's just not the same! I may make some turkey soup and a pumpkin pudding (a little of the traditional flavor with out the work). I wish I was with my family in America…I do miss being there!

The small house with the very big yard

I called about the house with the very big yard. I will try to see it, but I'm pretty sure the house is way too small.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

She made me feel so good!

A friend of mine has been spending time looking at houses on the internet for me. Today she called and told me about a house that's for sale in her area. That tells me she wants us to live near her...and I feel so loved! Knowone else is looking for houses for us (that I know of). The house she found looks way too small, but the yard has 7,500 m2. Let me see, that's almost 2 acers (unheard of space for Germany). I must see this mini farm. It has a winter garden and a barn. Maybe we could make it work. And if we get it, I'm going to grow every kind of fruit tree, and keep chickens and goats. I want to be a farmer!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking for the best fit

One thing I like about my husband is he lets me look for what is best. I want impossible and complicated stuff. It would be so easy to just say "Amy don't make waves". Our house is fine, and it is so much trouble to look for a better fit. I agree...but! I do not want to change the direction of our lives, I just want a bigger house (we moved in to our house with 3 kids and now we have 5). But more then the big house, I want the big yard. I want to grow my own food. I can not do this in my small yard. Juergen was just nominated to be an elder in our church. I'm proud of him. I know that if he is approved as an elder (the vote is next spring) he will do a great job. I'll try not to get him into too much trouble. I'm not looking at moving away. But Heidelberg is so expensive. A yard comes with a pretty big price tag. I found 2 more houses to look at. The one I like best is a 1978 house (I don't care for the style but it doesn't require massive renovation). In a perfect world I could afford a 200 year old house in down town Heidelberg with a extra big yard...and zero renovation. It is not going to happen! We don't have the time for an extreme home makeover (or the money). But this big house is not far from Heidelberg, it has a big yard and a view. I love the view! I asked to have the expose sent to me, and maybe I'll see the house next week. I feel like Nicole...don't be afraid to look for the best fit! I think it's important that my local friends know I don't want to move away from my life...I just want to have the resources to live my life fully. I’m not afraid…if God’s in it he will not hide his will. But I feel like a women that’s wearing size 10 jeans when she should be wearing size 14 jeans. I feel squeezed into my house. I’m getting rid of all kinds of stuff. I throw things away almost daily. But no matter how much I throw away the bottom line is my house is too small and I am holding my breath. We are 7 people with one bathroom. I can only grow a good salad in my garden, and I want more! I am sure I could be content with the small house but I feel pretty strongly about the need to grow my own food. So anyway, I am looking. I’m so glad Juergen is cool with that. Gods best has to do with all the rest. My “all the rest” is just so much more complicated then your average person. I know I will not find what I’m looking for…I need God to lead me there.

Ketchup is a helper

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Juergen is nominated as an elder in our church. He shared about himself tonight and took questions. I asked him about his stance on women in ministry (believe it or not a controversy in our church). I know it was not the time or place for that topic, I just wanted to see how diplomatic he could be. He's great! He has my vote.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The look

Juergen and I took a look at a disabled workshop Jessica has been trying for the last 2 weeks. I thought the place was very well run. It was clean, friendly and very organized. The people help pack stuff (like small car parts). Jess hated it. She cried every day. We will just keep looking. They said she could stay one more year in school. I’m trusting we have that extra time to find the perfect place for her. I’m very impressed by the lovely people who spend their life caring for the disabled. They give them a job, and dignity.

Nicole is at the University with Juergen. I'm anxious to see how it goes. They have exchange programs for their students. One of the places she could go for her Masters degree is Thailand. They have a Masters degree in sustainable environments. Very cool! You do 2 semesters in Thailand and one semester in Germany. It only takes 3 years to get a bachelors degree…could be a plan!

Up date...
Juergen loved the school. Nicole liked it too but feels really confused about what she wants to do (a very big choice). I think she should just keep weighing her options...keep looking. She can choose this, but maybe it will be something else that she feels called to. She has 1 1/2 years before she graduates, and even then she does not need to know. The important thing now is information. Look, Look and Look. Line all that good information up and pray. At some point she will just know what is right. Knowledge is power. And Nicole, I know you read my blog…I am proud of you, and I’ll be just as proud of you if you draw pictures for veggie tales, or save Africa from starvation...or just stay home and raise great kids (just?). One may seem more important then the other, but the most important thing is doing what God wants…I love you! You have always been wise, and I know you will be wise now.

a friend sent me the 365 names of God...thank you Elke!

I Am
365 Names, Characteristics and Attributes of God

I AM the GOD who shows wonders
I AM the Lord and my voice is powerful and full of majesty
I AM GOD- nothing is too hard for me
I AM GOD who made all MY wonderful works to be remembered
I AM GOD and my Glory thunders
I AM the Spirit of knowledge and understanding…
I AM the Holy Spirit that moved upon the deep
I AM worthy of worship, glorious and incomparable
I AM GOD who makes himself known through visions
I AM dynamis power
I AM the giver of all revelation
I AM glorious and full of weighty splendour
I AM HE- that ascended to the Father
I AM the triune GOD of Israel
I AM GOD who performs signs
I AM GOD who speaks in night seasons
I AM the King of Glory
I AM HE who searches the mind and heart
I AM great and greatly to be praised
I AM YAH and Yahweh
I AM the creator of all true worship
I AM wisdom
I AM omniscient
I AM the Lord who stretches out the heavens
I AM GOD who speaks
I AM Jehovah Rava, your healer
I AM GOD who declares new things before they spring forth
I AM the answer of your tongue
I AM prophecy fulfilled- never early- never late
I AM GOD who gives you dreams
I AM above all who were thought to be Gods

I AM found in my appointed feasts
I AM the anointing oil
I AM the bright cloud that comes to you
I AM the Synagogue, Church, Tabernacle and Temple
I AM the living water of life
I AM the Shofar trumpet
I AM the fountain of Israel
I AM Israel’s living star
I AM the Passover
I AM the Ark of the Covenant
I AM the door
I AM the altar of the Tabernacle
I AM the bomb of Gilead
I AM the Rose of Sharon
I AM the tree of life
I AM the GOD of Bethel
I AM the Lily of the Valley
I AM GOD who…or assigned between you and ME
I AM the rainbow’s colour
I AM the rock, there is no other
I AM the Glory and the cloud of the Temple
I AM the bread of life
I AM your rock- full of living water
I AM the light of the world
I AM a consuming fire
I AM the North, your promoter
I AM the bright and morning star
I AM the light, luminous, glowing and radiant one

I AM GOD who is merciful
I AM favour and I grant favour to whom I choose
I AM GOD of the…
I AM the prince of peace prophesied by the prophet Isaiah
I AM GOD who restores your soul
I AM the friend of sinners
I AM GOD- I tempt no one
I AM the GOD of peace
I AM HE who weeps with those who weep
I AM HE who speaks from a position of mercy
I AM longsuffering
I AM my Spirit
I AM gracious
I AM the forgiver of all transgressions
I AM the Manna which came down from heaven
I AM the breath that gives you life
I AM HE who will not remember your sins
I AM the beloved in the Song of Songs
I AM GOD who stretches out his hand
I AM the liberty you see through my Spirit
I AM ever faithful
I AM GOD in the midst of your land
I AM the forgiver of inequity
I AM abundant in mercy
I AM the altar of peace for your fear
I AM the Lord who makes wise the simple
I AM GOD who is daily full of new mercy
I AM GOD who comforts you
I AM GOD of the poor and stranger
I AM gentle and lowly in heart
I AM GOD who exercises love and kindness

I AM the Christ
I AM the cup of the blood
I AM the eternal sacrifice
I AM the blood that cleanses you from sin
I AM the crucified Messiah of Calvary
I AM your righteousness
I AM the Yom Kippur offering to expediate all sins
I AM worthy to open and read the scroll
I AM Noah’s Arch in a world still filled with sin
I AM the wine and the bread
I AM alive forever more
I AM the sprinkled blood of the lamb on the door-post of Israel
I AM the door to the Father
I AM the Lord who rescues those with a contrite spirit
I AM GOD’s Son sent to be seen face to face
I AM He that left heaven for you
I AM your sanctification
I AM the blood that tumbled
I AM GOD’s only Son
I AM eternally blind to what I’ve forgiven
I AM the bread of life broken for you
I AM HE who blots out your transgressions
I AM supplication
I AM the pierced Messiah
I AM the keeper of the keys to Hades and death
I AM the GOD of your salvation
I AM the Lamb that was slain
I AM the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I AM outside the camp- come to ME
I AM the way, the truth and the life

I AM the righteous judge of all creation
I AM the King of Kings
I AM with the generation of the righteous
I AM GOD- My statute rejoice the heart
I AM the ONE who makes unbreakable covenants with men
I AM Holy, Pure and Undefiled
I AM GOD: beside to ME there is no God
I AM GOD by which all actions are weighted
I AM GOD- My testimony is sure
I AM GOD-My commandments enlightened the eyes
I AM the witness on your behalf
I AM righteous- kings humble themselves before ME
I AM GOD whose eyelids test the sons of men
I AM the Spirit of wisdom
I AM my ordinances
I AM the divine judge of all things
I AM the law
I AM MY statute- walk in them
I AM judge of the living and the dead
I AM the Spirit of the fear of the Lord
I AM righteous
I AM perfect knowledge
I AM before whom every tongue will confess
I AM the Lord who loves righteousness
I AM the unbiased impartial judge
I AM the Lord and my judgements are righteous altogether
I AM HE who sent Moses to deliver Israel
I AM GOD and no one can reverse MY axe
I AM to be feared above all Gods
I AM GOD who refines you
I AM MY judgements
I AM the Lord who heals you

I AM returning
I AM GOD and I want you to believe in ME
I AM HE who places your tears in MY bottle, in MY book
I AM GOD who shows you things to come
I AM the seven Spirits and they are ME
I AM the Lord- the fear of ME is a fountain of life
I AM GOD- MY secrets are with those who fear me
I AM life’s guarantor of joy and help
I AM GOD who will be found by those, who seek ME with all their heart & soul
I AM and you shall know MY names
I AM He who leads you in the paths of righteousness
I AM the architect of the last days
I AM the soul key giver of heaven
I AM the GOD who hears
I AM the Lord who hears those who speak about MY Name
I AM GOD who leads you to prophecy
I AM the soon coming king
I AM the Lord I do not change
I AM always with you- wherever you are
I AM GOD who speaks through dreams
I AM GOD who reveals HIS form
I AM the healing you seek
I AM the Saviour who would descent on the Mount of Olives
I AM GOD who gives you visions
I AM GOD of those who are growing old
I AM coming quickly
I AM the ONE coming on the white horse
I AM the soon rending of the heavens
I AM the precision of MY scripture
I AM waiting for you

I AM your shepherd, you shall not want
I AM the rod that chastises and brings you comfort
I AM in the desert wilderness to be tender with you
I AM near to those who have a broken heart
I AM your confidence
I AM compassion
I AM in the Father
I AM with you and will keep you wherever you go
I AM the refuge of the poor
I AM your Father
I AM GOD in the stillness
I AM the Lord- he who is joined with ME is one spirit with ME
I AM the Spirit of counsel
I AM your provider
I AM tenderness
I AM the true shepherd
I AM the dispeller of all fear and doubt
I AM interceding for you right now
I AM love
I AM the stab that retrieves you
I AM man’s friend who sticks closer than a brother
I AM the shepherd rod
I AM GOD who is with you in the valley of the shadow and death
I AM there with you
I AM GOD who strengthens you
I AM the candle lighting your path
I AM the Lord; precious in MY sight is the depth of all my sense
I AM the counsellor, mighty GOD, everlasting Father
I AM your peace and calm
I AM HE who wipes away your tears
I AM the saving refuge of MY anointed

I Am the Lord GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
I AM the Holy Spirit who hovered over the chaos of this earth
I AM the light of Genesis that was before light was
I AM the sacred Shmah of the ancients
I AM the Holy ONE of Israel
I AM the One whose ways are perfect
I AM God- the fear of ME is clean enduring forever
I AM the Holy of the Holies
I AM the GOD of knowledge
I AM the Lord sitting on HIS throne
I AM GOD who formed the earth to be inhabited
I AM understanding
I AM GOD who was joined to the unique
I AM the GOD of all the holy prophets in scripture
I AM GOD who divided the sea
I AM the Lord of the dance
I AM the Lord
I AM the guiding star at JESUS’ birth
I AM GOD who turned water into wine
I AM HE of whom all the prophets were told
I AM the root of the offspring of David
I AM GOD who leads you into all truth
I AM GOD whose rainbow’s MY everlasting covenant with you
I AM the root of Jesse
I AM the GOD of Jerusalem wherein is MY Name
I AM the creator of Israel
I AM the GOD who divided the waters
I AM the fountain of the house of David
I AM GOD who shuts up the heavens
I AM GOD who turned water into blood
I AM married to Israel

I AM your exceedingly great reward
I AM the Lord- taste and see that I AM GOOD
I AM both: the giver and the gifts
I AM the preparer of your place in heaven
I AM able to give you much more than this
I AM the one source of all true wealth
I AM the spirit of liberty
I AM HE who anoints your head with oil
I AM the bridegroom returning for MY bride
I AM the Lord who looks on those who tremble at MY word
I AM GOD who prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies
I AM in the midst of two or three gathered in MY Name
I AM GOD who will answer you
I AM the glory who conceals a matter for a king to search out
I AM the fountain of gardens
I AM the resurrection of MY beloved
I AM GOD- whose throne is in heaven
I AM from above
I AM the Lord whose countenance beholds the upright
I AM the just reward of all who seek ME
I AM GOD who teaches you to prophet
I AM the giver of abound life
I AM more than you can ask or think
I AM sitting at the right hand of the Father
I AM the maker of many….therein
I AM the Sabbath rest
I AM the inheritance of the Levi
I AM the fountain of life
I AM the giver of great wisdom
I AM the Holy Spirit that hovers over your life to bring higher order

I AM the battle standard
I AM your sharp two-edge sword
I AM your battle cry
I AM a warrior and MY kingdom is spread by force
I AM the Lord mighty in battle
I AM the one who annialates Satan’s plans
I AM the spirit of might
I AM the master planner of all nations and kingdoms
I AM HE who leads you for MY great Name’s sake
I AM the conqueror of death, hell and the grave
I AM both: warrior and poet
I AM the supreme GOD, deliverer and possessor
I AM the Lord of hosts
I AM the kingdom, the power and the glory
I AM GOD who cast out nations before you
I AM commander and chief of all heavens armies
I AM HE who drives out the wicked before you
I AM the defender of those who believe in ME
I AM your strength
I AM the lamb sitting on the throne
I AM your victorious banner
I AM the fullness of greatness, power, glory, victory, and majesty
I AM GOD almighty and infinite in strength
I AM your mighty shield
I AM the lion of the tribe of Judah
I AM the sword of the Spirit
I AM your high tower
I AM the defender of Israel
I AM your fortress
I AM omnipotent
I AM the enemy of the enemies of Israel

I AM I never change
I AM the first and the last
I AM one
I AM meant the builder of faith through the ages
I AM the ruler of both: the night and the day
I AM the uncaused eternal self-existent wonder
I AM king forever and ever
I AM Spirit
I AM the Alpha and the Omega
I AM GOD whose eyes behold
I AM the same every day
I AM the word of life called the Bible
I AM the cornerstone
I AM the resurrection and the life
I AM not of this world
I AM GOD who knows all MY works through eternity
I AM omnipresent
I AM the One who simultaneously sees to beginning and end
I AM GOD ready to perform MY word through eternity
I AM three in one- equal and eternal
I AM before the day was
I AM all MY Names
I AM the self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-creating One
I AM GOD, there is no other
I AM the word which was in the beginning
I AM the rock of ages on which you stand
I AM HE who was, is, and is to come
I AM who I AM
I AM the everlasting GOD
I AM HE who inhabits eternity

I AM the Lord- the fear of ME is the beginning of wisdom
I AM the GOD of multiplication and reproduction
I AM Jehovah- that is MY Name
I AM the GOD of the Seraphim
I AM the GOD of all flesh
I AM the vine
I AM the artist that all artisans draw from
I AM Adonai Elohenu- there is none other
I AM the GOD of the Cherubim
I AM the foundation of the world
I AM invisible: yet all creation speaks of ME
I AM GOD- I want you to understand and know ME
I AM and you are MY witnesses
I AM glorified in you
I AM GOD who made you a sign to the unbeliever
I AM more than all structures of steel, water and clay
I AM jealous over you
I AM the exalted head over all
I AM GOD who is drawn to the foreigner
I AM GOD who speaks face to face
I AM the sovereign ruler of all creation
I AM your next breath
I AM the light of the world
I AM GOD and all that is in heaven and in earth is MINE
I AM Immanuel- GOD dwelling among men
I AM high and lifted up by all creation
I AM the outpoured Spirit on all flesh
I AM HE who rejoices with those who rejoice
I AM the only Creator of the all that exists
I AM saviour of both: the gentiles and the Jews
I AM HE before whom every knee will bow

So Holy


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tomorrow Juergen is taking the day off to visit the University of Hohenheim. This is a 200 year old Agricultural Science school near Stuttgart (just an hour south of us). University is almost free in Germany. In fact, because we have 5 kids I think it is free (all the way through a PhD). Hohenheim is the best University in Germany for Agricultural Science. It is also a very family friendly school. If Nicole gets married and has kids, the University does provide good services to support her and her family so she can continue to study. She is still very interested in studying in America. She has not decided if she wants to be an artist, or a plant scientist. Juergen and I want her near us...but we will support her either way. I must admit I'm glad Juergen could take the day off to take her. All the kids in her class get tomorrow off to look at schools. She was going to look at an art school in Stuttgart (taking the train) but it wasn't anything she was excited about. I called Juergen and asked him if he couldn't take her to this school in Hohenhiem instead. I'm sure my parents will not be happy if she decides to stay in Germany, but I'm sure they can understand why I'm not anxious to let go of my girl so soon. I’m sure she will find a good way for herself. I hope it’s near home…but either way I’m sure it will be very good.

UN food summit

I noticed there is an UN food summit in Rome this week. They are already saying they don’t expect much progress (sad). There is a world wide food crises. It is only expected to be made worse by a growing population. The population is expected to grow another 2 billion by 2050 (only 40 years away). I am always watching trends in poverty. Millions of children become orphans because of poverty. Child labor, and prostitution is driven by poverty. Birth parents are not generally cruel when they abandon their children, they are desperate and starving. I am also lobbying Juergen to buy me a farm house with a big garden. I want to be able to grow my own food. I think every grassy place in America could be pulled up and replaced with an organic vegetable garden. Imagine the impact we could have on this world if we could teach the poor to grow their own food? The answer is not to give a fish, it is to teach them to fish (or garden). But we do not know how to feed our selves. When hunger comes we are as dependent as everyone else. Already 17 million Americans struggle with hunger. How can this be? Good land lays empty, un used while children are hungry. How can we be so backwards? Americans feed their cars grain while children around the world starve. How can we be so backwards?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am

I'm listening to a worship CD called I Am, 365 names of God by John Paul Jackson. I got it on I tunes as a down load. It's just music, and the names of God . Very cool. He just read "I am comming quickly"!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Friday, November 13, 2009

we got the right man...

Mexican pumpkin soup

I made a Mexican pumpkin soup today. I used a butternut squash, 2 onions, 6 potato’s, non dairy cream, a little vegetable bullion and 2 table spoons taco spices. Oh and a can of pinto beans. It was great, and will be even better tomorrow! I just made it up myself. I don’t generally use recipes.

you chop the veggies together, boil them in lots of water, mash them with a hand mixer and then add the beans, and other stuff. It makes a warm and filling soup. It is totally vegetarian. I was tired of pumpkin soup with curry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheap and Easy Worm Bin!

HERE is how to build your own Cheap and Easy Worm Bin!

Worms LOVE
Breads & Grains
Coffee grounds & filter
Tea bags

Worms HATE
Dairy Products

easy raised beds

I saw this cool idea. You take a heavy plastic and put it together in almost any form to make a raised garden bed. Add polls on the corners to make it stable. That's it!

getting my garden ready for winter

I have raised garden beds. I clean the beds out, putting the old plants in my compost pile. I could just leave the beds until spring, but I want to do more. I decided to buy some horse and chicken manure on eBay. They send it in large 5 kilo plastic buckets and it only cost 1 Euro, + 4 Euro for postage. I will spread the manure over my beds, add a thin layer of leaves, and maybe even some torn up news paper. Then I will place a black plastic tarp over the bed, with some holes in it for water to get in. I'll let this compost over winter. In the spring I'll mix the compost into my soil and hopefully be ready to plant. Horse manure is good because it has allot of straw in it. Chicken manure is pretty strong (I’ve read). I don’t want to over use it. Never put manure directly on plants because it will burn them. I’m hoping the combination of manure, leaves, and newspaper will attract worms to my raised beds. Worms break up soil, and worm castings make the best plant food. Anyway, this is the plan. I ordered the manure today. Sometime next week (God willing) I should be able to get my small garden ready for winter. The black plastic warms the soil, and I may even get to plant early next spring. It also keeps weed seeds from growing. I only know this from books...I'm trying this for the first time. I'll let you know if it works!

a worm idea

Monday, November 09, 2009

all things are possible

I remember the time well. I sat glued to my TV. I lived in San Diego. I had spent the summer in Germany and we never thought it possible. Never! But the wall fell! And 3 days before Juergen and I were married Germany became united. I cry looking at this video. I remember praying for this. It still amazes me. Jessica’s kindergarten teacher was one of the people who left everything to sneak out of East Germany. She left her children and family…everything. She went to Cuba on a vacation. Instead of returning home, she went to Florida and asked for asylum. She lost everything for freedom. I’m so glad Germany is now whole, and Germans are now free.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

orphan sunday

Every Sunday is orphan Sunday at our house. And every Sunday is good! If you open your heart to orphans you will be changed forever. I always say, some people hope their life counts, I know my life does. I have changed the whole world because I been blessed by adoption.


Yesterday when we got the note from the Dr saying they mis read Philips MRI, and that he still has a tumor I was sad, but more angry. Anyone can make a mistake, but you shouldn't read about it 3 months later in a note. They should tell you in person, don't you think? To be honest, I was happy but confused when they told Juergen the tumor was gone. I felt numb, not over joyed. Back in March I wrote this on my face book,

"Last night I was watching TV. Out of the blue (because I was not thinking about Philip) I physically felt like someone was pulling a cotton ball sized white tumor from my left nostril. I felt it only on the left side of my nose. It was so weird because I really felt it. Then I thought immediately that Philip has a tumor the size of a small cotton ball near his pituitary gland, and they will pull it out of the left side of his nose. I guess we will see if this was a word from God? "

I'm not worried about Philip. I'm sad the tumor is still there, I'm angry the Dr did not tell us to our faces, but I am pretty sure it will be OK.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


We went to see an old farm house that's for sale. It needs too much work. We will check with the heaters guys, the plumbers etc... but I think it's too much for us (too much time and too much money). I enjoyed looking. I'm happy Juergen is open to the idea of a move. If you are our local friend, don't worry. We are only looking at places that would allow us to basically keep our lives. We want to go to the same church and keep most (not all) of our kids in the same schools. I made a slide show of the old house. I love the garden. But I'm 95% sure we will not buy this one.

I learned one of my nieces is expecting a baby, and another niece just lost her baby. I'm so happy for the one, and very sad for the other. How very sad! Both my sisters have lost grandchildren. This breaks my heart. I cried for you...and I am so sorry for your loss.

We just got a report from Philips Dr today. They had told us his tumor was gone. Well, it's not gone. It is still there. I guess they just read the MRI wrong. So we have to check it again. The big problem is we got braces put on his teeth. It's been a mixed news kind of day. I still believe it's an easy tumor to remove. It's on his pituitary gland (Hypophyse). I'm sorry it's still there but I'm going to hold on to the peace God gives.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Feeling stupid

I’ve lived in Germany for 14 years but my German is not really very good. My Uncle use to call me dumb because my language was so delayed in English. I couldn’t speak very well at the age of four years. I know I’m not dumb…at least in English. This week I had to speak extensively with a teacher, a doctor, a pastor, a speech therapist and a lawyer . I can understand maybe 85 % of what is said in normal conversation, but with the lawyer I could only comprehend 10% of what he said. We are trying to gain permeate custody of Jessica our 18 year old autistic daughter. I had to ask Juergen what the man said. He gave me a lecture on needing to learn German. Thank you Juergen. I try, but it does not come easy to me. I cried today because I felt so tired and so stupid. Sometimes raising 5 kids with special needs can just wear you out. Jessica has been home all week because her teacher is sick. I’m very tired, very tired! But added to that is how small I feel when I have to do it all in German. Maybe it would be just as hard in America? At least I wouldn’t feel so intimidated. Germans can make you feel so small.

sounds like Obama

This is from ABC's new show "V". Some very cool visitors from another world come to earth. They capture the hearts and trust of the people who blindly give them loyalty.

HERE is the web site. It looks pretty cool. I think I can see it online.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

time to pack shoe boxes

It's time for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. This year Nicole is working with a group of kids at her school to collect shoe boxes. We packed 4 boxes last night. They are hoping to collect 100's of boxes for needy kids around the world. How about making this an annual tradition. It's just one easy way to teach your kids how to give. And it is the only gift many children will receive...but they receive it with love. HERE is more information. Time is running out, so don't delay!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

one world government

Lord Christopher Monckton, the former advisor for science policy to Lady Margaret Thatcher, believes that if the U.S. signs any climate treaty coming out of the Copenhagen climate change conference in December, it could subject the United States to a global dictatorship. Monckton explains his concerns.

Christopher Monckton"[T]his treaty of Copenhagen, which is going to be negotiated by the states' parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in December, is going to...establish for the first time in human history a global government," he warns.

Monckton contends that the word "government" appears twice in paragraph 38 of the draft, and that paragraphs 36 through 38 explain that the purpose of the treaty is to establish a world government. "Whose job," he explains, "will be to transfer wealth from the wealthy countries, such as the United States most of all, to Third World countries -- and the excuse for this transfer of wealth is so-called 'reparation.'"

Abortion Funding Could Stop Health Care Bill

Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Seeing Abortion

expensive Christmas ideas

My sister Shelley wrote about inexpensive Christmas ideas. I thought I would write about what money could buy! $60,000 will buy you a life sized replica of your favorite person made out of Lego. Imagine the joy on your Childs face on Christmas morning when they see the perfect copy of themselves in Lego. Imagine your face when your child takes the Lego person apart to make something new!!!

For $500,000 you can get your own Dallas Cowboys End zone. You will of course need a big yard to put that in. Tiffany’s has a really nice blue diamond brooch for $100,000. Sarah loves the color blue! Or maybe you could stick to the classics.

For example this 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona sells for $275,000.

And for just over 14 million you can have this lovely home in victoria BC. Ah, the simple life! I just love Christmas shopping!

Monday, November 02, 2009

The one year Bible

2009 is almost over and I'm setting some goals for 2010. One of my goals is to read the whole Bible using the One Year Bible plan (about 15 mins per day). You can even listen to the reading schedule on line. I did that with my daughter Nicole last year. I formed a yahoo group and I invite you to join it. Hopefully we can comment on what we have read, and pray for each other. Here is the address...

I will post a few details about the one year Bible, but the plan gets started on Jan 1, 2010. If you have never read the whole Bible in one year, or if you want to do this in a group please feel free to sign up. I have to approve members, and your comments will not be open to the public. I will invite my friends to join this group again towards the end of the year…but why wait.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the gift

This morning The kids and Juergen gave me a very nice birthday breakfast. I also got the nicest gifts. The boys spent their own money to buy me a dancing turtle. I'll take some video of it. Nicole made me a box that looks just like my dad. Juergen gave me a gift certificate to a garden center (what I had asked for), and Sarah gave me her wooden shoes planted with flowers. Nicole came back from her missions trip sick. So she also gave me the flu. Oh well!!! I am pretty sure it isn't the H1N1 type.