Sunday, November 08, 2009


Yesterday when we got the note from the Dr saying they mis read Philips MRI, and that he still has a tumor I was sad, but more angry. Anyone can make a mistake, but you shouldn't read about it 3 months later in a note. They should tell you in person, don't you think? To be honest, I was happy but confused when they told Juergen the tumor was gone. I felt numb, not over joyed. Back in March I wrote this on my face book,

"Last night I was watching TV. Out of the blue (because I was not thinking about Philip) I physically felt like someone was pulling a cotton ball sized white tumor from my left nostril. I felt it only on the left side of my nose. It was so weird because I really felt it. Then I thought immediately that Philip has a tumor the size of a small cotton ball near his pituitary gland, and they will pull it out of the left side of his nose. I guess we will see if this was a word from God? "

I'm not worried about Philip. I'm sad the tumor is still there, I'm angry the Dr did not tell us to our faces, but I am pretty sure it will be OK.

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