Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking for the best fit

One thing I like about my husband is he lets me look for what is best. I want impossible and complicated stuff. It would be so easy to just say "Amy don't make waves". Our house is fine, and it is so much trouble to look for a better fit. I agree...but! I do not want to change the direction of our lives, I just want a bigger house (we moved in to our house with 3 kids and now we have 5). But more then the big house, I want the big yard. I want to grow my own food. I can not do this in my small yard. Juergen was just nominated to be an elder in our church. I'm proud of him. I know that if he is approved as an elder (the vote is next spring) he will do a great job. I'll try not to get him into too much trouble. I'm not looking at moving away. But Heidelberg is so expensive. A yard comes with a pretty big price tag. I found 2 more houses to look at. The one I like best is a 1978 house (I don't care for the style but it doesn't require massive renovation). In a perfect world I could afford a 200 year old house in down town Heidelberg with a extra big yard...and zero renovation. It is not going to happen! We don't have the time for an extreme home makeover (or the money). But this big house is not far from Heidelberg, it has a big yard and a view. I love the view! I asked to have the expose sent to me, and maybe I'll see the house next week. I feel like Nicole...don't be afraid to look for the best fit! I think it's important that my local friends know I don't want to move away from my life...I just want to have the resources to live my life fully. I’m not afraid…if God’s in it he will not hide his will. But I feel like a women that’s wearing size 10 jeans when she should be wearing size 14 jeans. I feel squeezed into my house. I’m getting rid of all kinds of stuff. I throw things away almost daily. But no matter how much I throw away the bottom line is my house is too small and I am holding my breath. We are 7 people with one bathroom. I can only grow a good salad in my garden, and I want more! I am sure I could be content with the small house but I feel pretty strongly about the need to grow my own food. So anyway, I am looking. I’m so glad Juergen is cool with that. Gods best has to do with all the rest. My “all the rest” is just so much more complicated then your average person. I know I will not find what I’m looking for…I need God to lead me there.

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