Sunday, November 22, 2009

She made me feel so good!

A friend of mine has been spending time looking at houses on the internet for me. Today she called and told me about a house that's for sale in her area. That tells me she wants us to live near her...and I feel so loved! Knowone else is looking for houses for us (that I know of). The house she found looks way too small, but the yard has 7,500 m2. Let me see, that's almost 2 acers (unheard of space for Germany). I must see this mini farm. It has a winter garden and a barn. Maybe we could make it work. And if we get it, I'm going to grow every kind of fruit tree, and keep chickens and goats. I want to be a farmer!

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Shelley said...

Wow 2 acres is twice what we have, you could raise chickens on goats on that for sure.
Maybe the barn could be a family room? you could have barn dances.