Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Did I tell you someone stole pumpkins from our yard? We had pumpkins in our yard waiting to be carved, and a paper skeleton hanging up. Halloween is something new to Germany. I like to put some decorations up so the kids know they can come trick or treating at our house. Anyway, on Sunday morning (my birthday) I noticed most my decorations were gone. They didn't take anything with much value, I just hated they took anything at all. I find it very disrespectful.

Today is Halloween. The kids have a week of fall vacation. Philip and Thomas were outside playing with two friends. They come to the front door with a plastic bag, and a hair. They think the hair belongs to the pumpkin thief, so they were going to place it in the small plastic bag as evidence. They have been watching Monk DVD's. Then they told me they were going to hunt for more clues. I know they will crack this case wide open!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Some of Jessica's writing

Jessica is 16 years old and has autism. She can not talk. She is very sweet and we love her very much!

A Fall Poem
By Jessica Heymann

The Fall is eating away at Summer time

Leaves' colors are fading

Kites are rising all around

Children resent the rain
Great scary ghostly spook at Halloween

frightens children anyway

Halfhearted a storm is touching the house

no one wants to go outside

boldly the forest resists the wind

Frau Holle makes the bed(*) in a hurry
(*) Grim fairy tale where 'Frau Holle' making the bed causes snow on the earth.

A Scary Story
By Jessica Heymann

When the world was still know for amazing events this story took place. One day two brothers went through the colorfull forest fresh and cheerfully. A cool breeze touched their faces. Surprised they looked around. Silently a black fog moved by them. Dark shapes magically appeared out of the fog. The two brothers were shaking aspen leaves und asked the figures what this would mean. "Today is women's garbage day. All evil women meet here and become alive for one night." Quietly the brothers whispered and wanted to flee. But an invisible power held them back. Forebodingly they realized that there were coffins laying in the forest. Now they realized that these were ghosts. The only solution was to stand still and wait until this dreaded party came to an end. A great dance began. Shining lanterns accompanied the debacle. Full of fear the brothers wanted to dance too but they were too tired. Pale they stepped into a coffin and fell asleep. When it all was over the women layed down again. Two found their coffins occupied and fled. Since then they wander aimlessly through the world and put strange ideas into lazy and idle minds

Juergen and Nicole spent the first part of the weekend visiting his parents. Juergens mom has 3 brain tumors. She is very sick and it is getting really bad. I would appreciate your prayers for this wonderful woman (Waldtrud). They spent some time reading the diary of Juergens dad Richard. He is almost 80 years old, and survived World War 2. Richard’s father stood up agents the Nazis and was murdered for it. His oldest surviving brother (the oldest brother was killed in a farming accident) was sent to Russia and landed in a concentration camp. Richard would have had the responsibility of running the family farm. He prayed for his brother to return from the war so he could go to school (his dream). His brother had the last name Heymann (a Jewish name). A Jewish Dr thought he was Jewish, and she took care of him. She told the authorities he was no use to them, and should be sent home. So by Gods grace the oldest brother of Richard returned home 4 years before the other solders did. Many of those solders never returned home. This happened because of a Jewish Dr, and because of the family name. Juergen asked his dad if they are Jewish. The family had to prove they were not Jewish in order to keep there land. They have a family tree going back to the 1800's. We love Israel and would consider it an honor to be Jewish, but it looks like we are not. At least not on Juergens side of the family. My family name Moreno is the name the Jews took when they were forced out of Spain during the Spanish inquisition. I've heard a great number of people with the name Moreno are actually Jews that were displaced. So maybe this love I have for the children of Abraham is really a love for my own people?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thomas' memory verse was
1Corth 15:4

"that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures"

Philip learned 1 John 4:14
"the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world"

Happy birthday to me!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bible Heros

Tomorrow the kids have AWANA at the Grace Baptist Church. Tomorrow the kids are suppose to dress as their favorite Bible Hero. My boys are just starting to learn the characters in the Bible. Philip knows much more of the Bible then Thomas. I don't think either one of them would say they have a Bible Hero (yet). To be honest, I make them go to church. They don't believe in God yet. I do have hope. I didn't accept Christ as my savior until I was 12 years old. So today I just assigned them Hero's. Thomas is going to dress as Joseph in his multi colored coat, and Philip will go as Jesus. Why these characters? Because the costumes where easy to make! They also need to know who they are dressed like. I spent time with them teaching them something about Joseph and his 11 brothers, and Jesus. I also helped them learn their Bible memory verses. Thomas was so proud. I think he really likes AWANA but is ashamed to go because he never knows his verse. Sarah had an angels costume, so I'm going to dress her in that. I once remember walking through the old town of Heidelberg at Christmas time. There were allot of cute angels figures in the shop windows. I said very firmly to Jessica angels do not really look like that. They are heavenly warriors, very powerful and strong. I am wondering if I have a Bible Hero. I love Paul. How would you dress as Paul? Maybe wear very heavey glasses because he could not see well? Do you have a Bible Hero?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Heavy Blanket

Last night Juergen had a meeting at church to attend. After I got the kids to bed, I listened to a sermon on-line by Derek Prince. The topic was worship. He said his wife Ruth was in a worship service once. She had her hands raised towards God. Her hands suddenly felt really heavy. Derek said to her that is the presence of God, and she should just take it in. When I was in America, I had purchased the material to make a heavy therapy blanket for Jessica. It has these long tubes filled with sand and lead. My Mom sewed the tubes into a blanket that weighs about 16 pounds (7.5 kg). When you are wrapped in this blanket it feels like a warm firm hug. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually you relax and feel very safe in this blanket. Earlier this past summer I had heard Reinhard Bonnke preach live from Africa. It was telecast live on God TV. After he preached he began to pray. I sat at my desk (I was watching this on my computer) and prayed too. I all of a sudden felt the urge to grab a blanket and pull it over my head. I did this and began to pray "God, I ask you to cover our family like a blanket with your protection and love". No more then 30 seconds after I pray this prayer I heard Bonnke (live from Africa) pray "and God cover us like a blanket with your love and protection". Wow! The presence of God is heavy like Jessica’s heavy blanket. God desires to wrap his strength around us and hold us in a firm hug.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego

I am trying to keep in touch with my friends in San Diego. Cindy is OK so far. She sent me this link that has the latest news.

Derek Prince

I was listening to Derek Prince preach on tribulation this morning. If you don't know Derek Prince you should try to discover some of his wisdom. He died in 2003 but thank God we have him on video tape. He quoted the book of Revelations, they over came by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony. I know that we do not want to hear about persecution or trouble. More and more I hear people that want only blue sky's and green grass. I sense in my spirit we will have trouble ahead. We need to hold fast to what can not be shaken. God is our rock. We as believers should not be shallow and afraid. We should sink our roots deep into God.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego is on fire

Most of you already know this but San Diego is on fire. I use to live in San Diego. Juergen and I were married there. Jessica and Nicole were both born there. My best friend Cindy, and many of my other friends including Donna (more a sister) still live there. I pray God protects the people, and that He helps them in this very hard and scary time!

Here is some CNN video of San Diego on fire.

The blank page

I've spent so much of the past year, and much of 2006 just rushing. I had my heart and mind fixed of adopting Sarah. First it was the paper work, then the wait, the trip, the really hard adjustment, then the trip to the USA. Sarah is finally settling in. She goes to kindergarten. I have most of my mornings free again. I had quit most everything for a season. My schedule is very empty. I'm asking myself what next? There are many ways I could fill up the hours. I could just get busy again. I really do not want to do that. I feel like I'm at a cross road. I am so hungry for God. I don't even want to see people...I just want to be alone. I want God to tell me what is next. I turn 46 years old on Sunday. That isn't super old, but it isn't young either. I heard in the Psalms last night that a normal person has 70 years, maybe 80. I think realistically I've got only 20-30 years of good influence left the Lord willing (I can not be sure of one more day). That isn't very much time. I do not want to just stay busy and see the years fly by. I want my days to matter. And so I will wait on God to direct me, I give him the blank page that is before me now. I do not know what is next! Juergen told me last night "If you officially hand your life over to God (the rest of the time you have) you can be relaxed about what He is going to do with it" Juergen is getting pretty wise in his old age. I've got to remind myself to listen to him more!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is it OK to Stick Your Nose in Your Child’s Business?

Researchers suggest that parents contact the school when a child expresses having difficulty with students or with a teacher and help them find a viable solution. They suggest that parents help young children develop social skills and make new friends. They say that even one good friend can protect a child from loneliness; depression, feeling rejected, or victimized.

This may be especially important to know when adopting children, who are older than newborn, from an orphanage or foster care situation. These children frequently have issues that make them the ostracized child.

The whole post is HERE.

How to Improve Reading Skills in Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

How to Improve Reading Skills in Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Friday, October 19, 2007

emotional week

It's been an emotional week. My beautiful and 100% lovely niece Lisa and her husband Nate lost their first child. His name was Isaac and he was still born. I'm very sorry for their loss, the loss of my dear sisters first grand child. I'm sorry for the whole family.
My brother is also facing a very hard time in his family. I will not communicate the details, but I'm very sorry for his pain.
On the good side, Philip celebrated his 9Th birthday. He wanted to go shopping at toys are us. I gave him some money, and he ended up only spending a small amount on himself. He gave some of the money to Thomas and some to Sarah. He drives me crazy often, but he often makes me very proud. There is a noble character under all that "boy"!
Juergen and I went out to breakfast this morning. We were celebrating our 17Th wedding anniversary (just 2 weeks late). I would make you sick if I began to write about how much I love this man of mine! I could not thank God enough for him...I know I am blessed!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Super bug

Staph fatalities may exceed AIDS deaths

More than 90,000 Americans get potentially deadly infections each year from a drug-resistant staph "superbug," the government reported in its first overall estimate of invasive disease caused by the germ.

Deaths tied to these infections may exceed those caused by AIDS, said one public health expert commenting on the new study. Tuesdays report shows just how far one form of the staph germ has spread beyond its traditional hospital setting.

The overall incidence rate was about 32 invasive infections per 100,000 people. That's an "astounding" figure, said an editorial in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, which published the study.

Most drug-resistant staph cases are mild skin infections. But this study focused on invasive infections — those that enter the bloodstream or destroy flesh and can turn deadly.

Researchers found that only about one-quarter involved hospitalized patients. However, more than half were in the health care system — people who had recently had surgery or were on kidney dialysis, for example. Open wounds and exposure to medical equipment are major ways the bug spreads.

In recent years, the resistant germ has become more common in hospitals and it has been spreading through prisons, gyms and locker rooms, and in poor urban neighborhoods.

The new study offers the broadest look yet at the pervasiveness of the most severe infections caused by the bug, called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. These bacteria can be carried by healthy people, living on their skin or in their noses.

An invasive form of the disease is being blamed for the death Monday of a 17-year-old Virginia high school senior. Doctors said the germ had spread to his kidneys, liver, lungs and muscles around his heart.

The researchers' estimates are extrapolated from 2005 surveillance data from nine mostly urban regions considered representative of the country. There were 5,287 invasive infections reported that year in people living in those regions, which would translate to an estimated 94,360 cases nationally, the researchers said.

Most cases were life-threatening bloodstream infections. However, about 10 percent involved so-called flesh-eating disease, according to the study led by researchers at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There were 988 reported deaths among infected people in the study, for a rate of 6.3 per 100,000. That would translate to 18,650 deaths annually, although the researchers don't know if MRSA was the cause in all cases.

If these deaths all were related to staph infections, the total would exceed other better-known causes of death including AIDS — which killed an estimated 17,011 Americans in 2005 — said Dr. Elizabeth Bancroft of the Los Angeles County Health Department, the editorial author.

The results underscore the need for better prevention measures. That includes curbing the overuse of antibiotics and improving hand-washing and other hygiene procedures among hospital workers, said the CDC's Dr. Scott Fridkin, a study co-author.

Some hospitals have drastically cut infections by first isolating new patients until they are screened for MRSA.

The bacteria don't respond to penicillin-related antibiotics once commonly used to treat them, partly because of overuse. They can be treated with other drugs but health officials worry that their overuse could cause the germ to become resistant to those, too.

A survey earlier this year suggested that MRSA infections, including noninvasive mild forms, affect 46 out of every 1,000 U.S. hospital and nursing home patients — or as many as 5 percent. These patients are vulnerable because of open wounds and invasive medical equipment that can help the germ spread.

Dr. Buddy Creech, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, said the JAMA study emphasizes the broad scope of the drug-resistant staph "epidemic," and highlights the need for a vaccine, which he called "the holy grail of staphylococcal research."

The regions studied were: the Atlanta metropolitan area; Baltimore, Connecticut; Davidson County, Tenn.; the Denver metropolitan area; Monroe County, NY; the Portland, Ore. metropolitan area; Ramsey County, Minn.; and the San Francisco metropolitan area.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trouble with a P

I had to pick Sarah up from kindergarten, then Philip from school, then Jessica from school. I have 5 kids and they all go to a different school! Everything was going well. Sarah was playing nicely with a toy. Philip kept trying to steal the toy. I warned Philip to leave Sarah alone. He would not listen. Sarah hit him hard with the toy. I took the toy away. Sarah then screams at the top of her lungs for the next 15 Min's home. I could not give the toy back because she can not hit other kids with toys. Philip has this winning smile on his face. He is so happy to get Sarah into trouble. I sat Philip down, and gave him a good tongue lashing. Then I sent him to his room, finally I took away his TV time. He has been starting allot of fights lately. He thinks it is so fun to push Thomas and Sarah, and get them into trouble. Not anymore! If you start it, you are in as much trouble as the one who finishes it! I need an Aspirin!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm home from the USA and I'm very, VERY tired. I can hardly think or function. As they say, the show must go on. With 5 kids that means getting them off to school, cooking, cleaning, homework, and swimming lessons. Sarah is not so fun to be around. She is also tired and will not nap. Philip is also tired, but he doesn't get so ugly when he is tired. Sarah gets ugly!
I'm still very unhappy about Philips school situation. They are going so slow in his class it's making him lazy. He even begins to act he can not do anything! He isn't stupid. This is driving me crazy! Most of the kids in his class are even slower then Philip. I think they need to push him to the next grade up. Please pray for this situation. He needs to learn, not just get really bad baby sitting!