Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chalk paint

Philip and I started to chalk paint this cabinet. The cabinet will be sold to support MOPS child care. This is a group that supports mothers with young children. We provide free child care during our meetings. The money will help us pay for the child care. The cabinet is 160x 200cm. The bottom is 75cm deep, and the top is 55cm. I will remove the top doors. The inside will be a light mint green. The entire cabinet is being waxed in a pale grey. I would like 200 Euros (or more) for this cabinet. It should be finished and ready to move in 4 weeks. It is best not to move it before the wax is hard My Mom noticed I put the doors on backwards. So I fixed it. This is what it looks like now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Lucy has the red collar. We pick her up (God willing) on Aug 17th.


Juergen let me use the van today. He did not know it was because I wanted to go dumpster diving. We have a thing called sperrmüll here. People put their unwanted stuff on the street to be taken away. I am in the market for carpets. I have so many weeds on the paths of my vegetable garden. Instead of spending days weeding the paths, I thought I would use old carpets to cover the paths. Naturally the carpets will rot (compost). But they were already heading to the dump. I found 4 carpets today. I may go out and look for more. I will have wall to wall carpet in my vegetable garden! The raised beds are made from old shipping pallets, so I guess we are just sticking to a recycling theme. I’ll post pictures once I lay the carpet down nicely. I may need to use a weed eater first. Some of the weeds are as tall as I am.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

the show was a hit

Nicole’s Art show opening was a big hit. She wore a black Calvin Klein jumpsuit we got her in America. The hotdogs were a big hit. 24 students were showing their works, but everyone came to Nicole’s room for the free hotdogs and watermelon. So Nicole got her Masters degree in Fine Art! I'm proud of her!

My garden


Art Show food

Juergen and I went to IKEA for breakfast. Afterwards we picked up hotdog packages. These include the hotdogs, buns, pickles and dry onions, as well as mustard and ketchup for 34 people. We bought 3 packages of hot dogs. Then we went to lidl for seedless watermelon, and lettuce, peppers, red onions and tomatoes. The vegetables will be finely chopped as toppings for the hotdogs. The watermelon will be cut in small cubes and mixed with frozen berries for a fruit salad. All this is for Nicole's art show opening. The theme is an American road trip. That is why we are serving hot dogs instead of French cheese. We expect maybe 100 people. Germany plays football tonight, so maybe there will be fewer people? But the show starts at 7pm, and the game is not until 9pm. We hope to be home to see the 2nd half of the game.