Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Juergen let me use the van today. He did not know it was because I wanted to go dumpster diving. We have a thing called sperrmüll here. People put their unwanted stuff on the street to be taken away. I am in the market for carpets. I have so many weeds on the paths of my vegetable garden. Instead of spending days weeding the paths, I thought I would use old carpets to cover the paths. Naturally the carpets will rot (compost). But they were already heading to the dump. I found 4 carpets today. I may go out and look for more. I will have wall to wall carpet in my vegetable garden! The raised beds are made from old shipping pallets, so I guess we are just sticking to a recycling theme. I’ll post pictures once I lay the carpet down nicely. I may need to use a weed eater first. Some of the weeds are as tall as I am.

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