Saturday, September 07, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jessica

Today Nicole and I took Jessica shopping. She turns 22 years old tomorrow. She has grown over the past year. She now likes her disabled workshop. And she has begun to learn to write again on the computer. It is a slow process, but maybe she can write independently in the next 5 years. Her teacher is wonderful. We are very blessed to have her help! If I stopped and thought about what Jessica might be doing if she was healthy, it could break my heart. Birthdays should be happy, but when your child is disabled it's always bitter sweet. Bitter because of the milestones that were never met, and sweet because of the person that is still very valuable and wonderful. But I'm sure everyone feels bitter sweet about something in your life. Life is never only sweet. For me it is much better to fix my eyes on what is there and let go of what I hoped for...what every parent hopes for. Jess bought a new book, 3 DVD's and a Fanta. I also took her to McDonalds because that is what she likes. I can hear her laughing as I type these words. And I wish her happy birthday. She is the one tool God has used most to change me. My greatest influence…my gift.


Shelley Stuewe said...

Happy birthday Jessica
Love, Uncle Eric and Aunt Shelley

Rick Moreno said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! We love you.