Thursday, September 19, 2013

God gave me flowers

I wanted tomatoes this year, so I had 100 plants. The weather was not very good and I just didn't get much fruit. But I got flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Every week I've picked fresh flowers for my living room and dinning room and hall. And the colors changed from week to week. So you could say it has not been at all what I wanted but it's been beautiful. And it is so much like my life. Not what I had planned, but very beautiful. Juergen shows the house in Leimen tonight. I hope it sells but I’m just grateful he is showing it. Another family wants to see it after the renter moves out. They say they are very interested but want to see it empty. I get the feeling they cannot afford it and are hoping we will drop the price in some dramatic way. That will not happen. But we do have a gardener scheduled to redo the back garden. And I guess it will get sold or rented in time. Perhaps even tonight?

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