Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Thomas

Today Thomas is 16 years old. We have had the family party today. Tomorrow is a big group party with bike riding (he got a new bike for his birthday) and a BBQ. As I type this, Juergen is showing the house again. I have little hope we will find a renter or buyer today. I've lost all hope. Actually that is not really true. I'm sure we will either sell or rent it in time.. I just don't expect it to happen any time soon. The renter moves out at the end of the month. Then we will redo the grass, put up a new fence and touch up paint. I'm just expecting it to take some more months and I'm not holding my breath. I imagine it will get at least rented eventually. But I get too emotional if I am hoping too hard. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. I'll let you know if we found a buyer or renter. Juergen said it was "depressing". There was some guy that showed up 20 mins late and he looked and acted like he was a gang member. A real disrespectful kind of person. Juergen didn't even want to let him in the door. And he would never consider selling to him! There was a guy from India who works for SAP, but he does not need such a big house, and also a real Estate agent. The rest of the people didn't show up or call. That seems to be the norm. People have no respect for your time. It's going to take a while. And Juergen has been so upset with the folks that have asked to rent the house he wants me to take the rental ad down. We care about our neighbors. We only want to sell or rent the house to someone who will bless the neighbors. So we will keep looking for a buyer.

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Rick Moreno said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!