Tuesday, July 31, 2007

cooking school

Nicole turns 14 years old in less then 2 weeks. For her birthday I'm taking her to an all day Asian cooking class in Köln, Germany (about 3 hours from us). We need to wake up at 5am, and will not return home until around 8pm. She is really getting into learning to cook. Today she made grilled herb chicken with salad and potatos. It was wonderful! The herbs and salad came fresh from our garden! I hope my dad is recording lots of good food network videos for me to bring home for the kids. All my kids like to cook!


Philip had an EEG today. I kept him up until 1am this morning, and Juegen woke him up at 4:30am. He had his appointment at 10am, and he needed to fall asleep. It worked. He was very tired and fell asleep with out any trouble. I asked the technician what it looked like. She couldn't or wouldn't give me a clear answer. We have to wait for the doctor to look at it. What she did say was his brain waves where bouncing all over the place. She made it sound like a strong maybe! I think this would be bad news to many parents, but to us it's hopeful. If he is having seizures at night, perhaps they can be the cause of his memory loss, and perhaps they can be controlled. The doctor will call us when they have the results. They did not tell me how long that would be. Philip was great today! I'm proud of him! Juergen and I are both very tired, but glad we were able to get a good EEG.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lunch and other important stuff

Today I cooked a vegetable casserole made from the vegetables Nicole grew in our garden. I cooked it with good olive oil, herbs, and cheese. It was yummy with rice and chicken. We had fresh pineapple too. I like to cook "real" food when I have the time. Today was a very lazy day. Philip and Thomas played the whole day outside. Sarah played most of the time with the boys. She is taking a nap right now.
This morning Juergen took Jessica to the doctor. The school wanted to see if Jessica "really required her own teacher". Naturally a full time teacher for one student is outrageously expensive. Jessica was as Juergen put it, "at her worst". That's good because now they will pay for Jessica to have her own teacher next year.
Philip has his EEG tomorrow morning. Please pray that we can find out what is wrong with Philip. His memory problems seem to be getting worse. Even the things he has known for years are starting to be forgotten. I'm going to have to keep him up until 1 pm tonight, and Juergen will wake him up at 5am. He has his EEG at 10am, and needs to be able to fall asleep. I hope it works.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

eating sushi

We had Sushi for dinner. Philip loves his California rolls!


There is a ad campaign in Germany to find the most natural beauty in Germany. I think that would be Nicole. The only problem is you need to be 18 years old to enter the contest. Nicole turns 14 in less then 2 weeks. We had fun making this ad today. It was just goofing off! We are brain storming on what to do for her birthday. She isn't a big party person. I'm thinking of giving her a painting course or a one day Asian cooking class. The painting class is in München and the cooking class is in Köln. She had an introduction to archery class today. She won an award for her shooting - 3rd place. The girl has super strong arms. You don't want to arm wrestle with her! She is thinking of taking either fencing of archery as a sport. She was playing handball but that was getting really competitive. She studies allot, so she needs a sport.

My Foot

On Thursday I stepped on a bee. My foot has been swelling bigger and bigger and bigger! The swelling continued up my foot to my ankle. This wasn't a normal bee sting. Last night Juergen and I took Sarah across the street to our neighbor Barbra's birthday party. It was a beautiful party outside in the garden. Barbra's husband Gregor is a Doctor. He took a look at my foot. He said it was a bacterial infection. I guess the sting wasn't the real problem, it's the fact that I was stung between my toes. The places between joints (both on the hands and feet) are very sensitive to infection. I needed antibiotics to stop this infection. Gregor went to his home office and wrote a prescription. That was a big blessing! It saved me a trip to the after hours clinic. My foot is already getting better. It itches very VERY bad! It makes me think how easily a person could die from stupid little stuff. Thank God my neighbor is a doctor!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sad news

Juergen took Philip to the tests this morning. He did very badly. His memory is so poor it almost places him in the category of being mentally retarded. They recommended he go to the special school for learning delayed children. This particular Doctor does not atticipate finding a why for these problems. It is not typical of ADD or dyslexia. He does almost normal in some areas, but his memory is very very bad. Right now I know he can not make it in a normal school. I also know there are no other answers for him right now. I will continue to teach him after school, and detox him from Mercury, and begin acupuncture. I could move to the USA, but Juergen would not move. I could send Philip alone to the USA, but I don't think this is best either. I feel so much grief right now. I do not see another answer. For the time being, I'm afraid this is all we can do. Philip will have to ride the bus to the slow school. We have not told him yet. I'm just going to keep working with him all summer. Perhaps God will part the sea, and if he doesn't I will just have to trust him with this direction. He still has an EEG next week. He also gets his second round of DMSA next week. I will never stop believing God for a better future for Philip. I will not stop working with him, and fighting for his future. I am very sad...but I know God is in control. I feel his control and so I'm going to trust him to make something very good come out of this.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer vacation day 1

Juergen went to work a little later this morning. We were able to have a nice breakfast. The kids watched the video Garfield 2. Juergen had rented it last night. At first I was a little unsure about it. I think my kids get a little too much sarcasm input, but it turned out OK. If fact I like the movie.
Nicole is making an archery bow. Tomorrow she has a one day archery class. The kids are suppose to bring home made bows. I took her to the forest to look for the right branch. Jessica and Sarah came along for a car nap. At home the boys have been very busy playing with Lego and hot wheels. Thomas has been unusually sweet to Sarah today. All the kids are hanging out in the yard as I type this.
I stepped on a bee today. My foot is a little swollen. I put a paste of baking soda on the sting. That has helped, but it still hurts. My big task of the day is catching up on the mountain of laundry.
Juergen is taking tomorrow off. I am taking Philip for the second half of his psychological evaluation. I think I already wrote he has a EEG next week. I'm also considering paying for acupuncture again. He had a few months of acupuncture last year. It helped him. We thought our insurance company was paying for it, but we found out that they didn't cover it. It's expensive. I think we payed $1000 for 3 months (that was once a week for both Jessica and Philip). I wonder if the Doctor will cut us a deal? Maybe $1000 for 2X's per week for 6 month? That is what I've read is a good cure for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). We know ADD is maybe only part of his problem, he also has some form of learning disability. Anyway, some help is better then no help. I would also like to bring Jessica back to the acupuncturist. I've read she would really need acupuncture 2 X's per day for 3 months. I think that would cost me over $10,000. That's a treatment I'm going to have to think about for awhile. The insurance company in Germany is actually considering paying for acupuncture. We may need to wait until it's covered. I hope I'm not boring you with this update. I'm writing mostly to my Mom and Dad. You are more then welcome to read our day to day stuff...but I can not guarantee excitement!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nicole is learning this song

Nicole is learning to play this song on guitar. She has only heard it a few times so I posted it for her.

Last day of school

It was the last day of school today. The kids brought home report cards. Philip got what we expected. He did do well in English and Art and Sports.It was nice to read Philip actually does very well in something! Thomas did worse then I expected. His problem seems to be understanding the German. He can read and write German, but he doesn't really understand it. He also stays quite in class. They grade high for classroom participation. He was very disappointed in his grades. He cried. I told him he needed to do a little home work everyday in the vacation. He is especially weak in Nature science. We are going to cover some of the stuff he will need to know in 3rd grade so he will be doing it with more understanding. Nicole did pretty good in everything but Math and Latin. She has 12 very difficult subjects including Chemistry and Physics, German and French. Her GPA is still a 2.5, so We are very OK with her school work! Jessica brought home some art she has been working on. It's mostly scribbling but she enjoyed it. She also loved her swimming. I was hoping to get more of her writing, but they didn't send that with her. We will have to call her teacher and ask for copes of Jessica's writing.
Philip has a sleep EEG next Tuesday. We have to wake him up at 2 am and keep him up until 10am for the EEG. I'm not really sure if this is really doable, but we will try. Night time seizures are one cause for memory problems in children. We have to check under every rock and behind every tree to find the cause of his learning problems. If there is anything at all we can do to help him, we need to find it.

just a word for me...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What would you do to make sure your child had a good education?

I watched a TV show tonight called good-bye Deutschland. It is dangerous for me to watch a show like this. I'm going a little crazy trying to secure a good education for Philip. I am feeling less and less sure this is possible in Germany. I've even looked at jobs and houses in the USA. To be honest with you, I don't really want to move. I love America, but generally Germany is a better place to live. We have 6 weeks of vacation per year. The stores are not opened here 24 hours a day. Life runs slower here. In this way I like Germany better...but I need a good school for Philip. It is killing me I can not find an easy path for him. I think the special education system in the USA is 100% better. It is so tempting for me to just say good-bye Deutschland. I don't really think that's the answer...but trust me I have thought about it! Oh, and Juergen will not even consider it...it's only a thought!

The last page of homework

I'm sitting here trying to help Philip with his math. It is the very last page of homework this school year. It is really like pulling teeth to get him to do it. He could never figure it out alone. He needs far too much help. He can not memorize the math tables. If you ask him what 6+3= is, he would still need to use his fingers. Now they start with multiplication. He can not keep up. I also spend an hour every day trying to teach him to read. We see slow painful progress. The teachers and doctors say let him take the vacation off, do not try to work him too hard! Great advice, but I don't agree. He needs to get as close to his class as he can. He only has 6 weeks...and it's not enough time to catch up. I feel I'm only prolonging the inevitable. He is going to drown in normal school. What choice do I have? If I send him to the slow school, he will finish with a 5Th grade level education. He would be lucky to get a job as a window washer...and he could not even do his own book keeping! A brain keeps growing until a person is about 12 years old. If I push him now, he at least has a chance to overcome some of his learning problems. They say, "don't make it too hard for him now", but if I don't make it hard for him now, he is looking at a life time of hardship. I simply can not agree with their advice! For me slow is not the answer! The correct answer is more personalized learning. I wish I could home school!

Monday, July 23, 2007


I woke up this morning and I could hear the boys talking with Juergen at the breakfast table. They were talking about our upcoming vacation in Holland. Juergen was telling them about all the cool stuff we get to do, swimming, bowling, go carts, billiards, and mini golf. They were getting really excited. Then they started to recall vacations we have taken in the past. They talked about our vacation in Israel two years ago. I was surprised how much they remembered. It was sweet to lay in bed and over hear their conversation. It's nice to know they have good memories of our days together...and that they have joy about what is just over the horizon.

The photos are of Philip & Thomas in Israel 2005

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How do you see God?

"What is your picture of God" was the topic of the sermon at church this morning. On the way to church Thomas and Philip were fighting with each other in the car. I had to take something away from them. It really put me in a great mood to worship! I also worried about how they must see God when mom always yells at them. But the sermon was interesting. It challenged the general German opinion of God being a permissive or passive father that only wants us to be happy & have a good time. There are so many people in this world that want Santa Clause, not the God of the Bible who cares about fairness, righteousness, Justice, and our character. I guess it's important for my sons to know I love them, but my authority is equally important. I hate to correct them all the time, but that's my job. A good parent disciplines their children!I don't think I am unfair in my correction...the real problem is how often they push me lately. I really hope they will calm down and just learn to treat others with respect. I often feel it would be easier if we didn't live in the world that has such mean and rebellious attitudes. I can limit what I allow at home, but all the other kids watch sponge bob and the Simpson's. We don't have Christian schools or home schooling. We have to teach them to stand up in the world. Nicole does great, but she has always been with us. It is mostly Thomas I worry about, but Philip too. I think about people like Noah who had to believe when know one else around him did. It is not so hard for me...but how can I pass my faith on to my children? The world is such a strong influence. I think the worlds picture of God is the picture Thomas especially wants to adopt. But God is so much more...and that's so much better then just Santa Clause!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Robo Dog

This morning I was in the boys bed room. I had to give Philip his DMSA (the medicine he is taking to detox from Mercury poisoning). They were busy building Lego. They invited me to stay and watch them build. I sat down on Philip's bed. Juergen even brought me some coffee. I asked Philip to build me a robot dog. I thought it was sweet they wanted me to stay for awhile. We have had so much stress lately with school work, and cleaning up, and treating others right. I've had to be so much the authority this week. It was really sweet to be invited to just watch them play!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A stressful way

I had a really hard morning. I had to take Philip to a Psychological evaluation. She ran some tests on Philip to try to determine what sort of learning problems he has, and how far behind he is. She first interviewed me about what we are doing, and how he is doing in school and where he would go to school next fall. I'm sure I came across defensive and frustrated. They all want to send him to a special school for learning disabled kids. I don't want him labeled dumb, and stuck in a school that just goes slower. If he goes to a special school, I want them to address his special need, not just go slow! He has real problems with visual processing. I want him to get the help he needs to keep up with his class. They treat me like I'm not thinking straight. Like I'm in denial. I'm not denying he has learning problems...I just want to treat the problems. Slow is not the answer. They are worried about what it does to him when he can not keep up, but what does it do to his self worth when he goes to the school for "slow" kids? He is not dumb! He can learn!!! He needs real help! I don't want an excuse for not learning, "poor Philip, he just didn't have the ability, it was not his fault"! I want a bridge to learning. If he lacks the "natural" tools to learn, why can't we just creatively give him a helping hand to learn. I don't want a different goal, I just want extra help towards the same goal!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

God can do the math!

Another school I had hoped would accept Philip can not. German grade school kids are generally required to attend grade school in the neighborhood they live in. Next year this school will move to a full day school (8:30am-3:15pm). At this point, we maybe able to say we want full day school(Philip's school is only half day), and get him in. Germany will not allow me to home school (but I'm still praying to home school). It looks like he just has to stay in his present school. His teacher will not like this. She can not kick him out. She has to accept him until the end of 2ND grade. Poor Philip is so far behind, I see no way he can handle 2Nd grade. I am working hard with him every day. We are seeing progress. We also start detoxing him from heavy metal poisoning tomorrow. It is a very long slow process. You give the drug DMSA for 3 days every 4 hours (even in the middle of the night) then take an 11 day break, followed by the next round of DMSA. It could take a whole year to get rid of all the heavy metal (mostly Mercury). Every 4-6 weeks he will need lab work done (blood and urine). I wish I had more options for Philip. I guess all I can do is keep working with the tools God puts in my hands. Right now it looks like I only have a few small fish and some small crumbs of bread. The need looks over whelming. I figure God can do the math!

Vacation plans

I just booked a vacation house in Holland for the last week of our kids vacation. It is right on the beach. It has indoor and out door swimming, a giant indoor playground, billiards, bowling, go carts, biking, golf, and, and... Juergen can go wind surfing with Nicole, and maybe even jet skiing (they did that in Thailand last year). I hope we get good weather. It has rained allot this summer. The kids get 6 weeks of summer vacation beginning next Thursday. They have many wonderful things lined up. They get to ride horses, shoot bow and arrows, go climbing, go to Oma & Opas, and go to VBS (vacation Bible school). I'm going to continue to teach Philip to read. He is doing great with the new program. I bought Thomas and Nicole new educational software. I also bought Nicole vocabulary cards in Spanish (her 6TH language). She takes Spanish in the fall. She thinks it will be easy after 4years of Latin. She didn't get the language thing from me! I'm very excited about our vacation! I thank God I could find a great deal on this vacation house at the last minute! I can not wait!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nicoles latest painting

This painting is based on one of her books (she has written 15 books now). I'm posting this for my Dad who can use some prayer. He has some health issues.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going to bed mad

I really hate going to bed mad at Juergen. In over 16 years of marriage, I think I've only done it maybe two or 3 times. I just can not do it! Well, I sent the boys to bed with a kiss, and a prayer. I also basically warned them to go to sleep. Thomas has school early in the morning. About one hour later, I'm in their room, yelling at them to go to sleep "or else". They go to sleep, but I'm angry. I hate it! Why is it they go through these stages where they just always "push it"! They can not live with any boundaries of obedience. They always need to cross over into trouble. Thomas especially lately keeps making a mess of things. They had a water fight today, for example. All was well and good. Then Thomas got hold of the water hose and over did it! He sprayed Sarah and Philip, who were standing at our front door. He kept spraying them. The water sprayed into the house. There where over 2 inches of water flooding my whole hallway. Are all boys bulls that have no self control...breaking everything in the china shop? My house is no china shop (Thank God), but the boys act like wild animals often! Is it a stage? How do I handle it? I do not like yelling all the time, taking away privileges, and making treats (and I always follow through on my treats). I also really hate going to bed angry!

Monday, July 16, 2007

a proverb for me today

To find what you seek in the road of life,
the best proverb of all is that which says:
"Leave no stone unturned."
Edward Bulwer Lytton

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Heidelberg fireworks

Last night I took Thomas and Nicole into Heidelberg to see the fireworks. They do a pretend bridge and castle burning 3 times a year . It's a reenactment of the attack of the French on Heidelberg. It's always followed by fireworks. We came late and had trouble finding a parking place. We ended up only seeing the end of the show. Then we sat in a cafe and had ice cream. I'm sorry, but I held the camera the wrong way. I have not figured out how to flip the picture on my videos. I need better software. The weather has been good the past few days. We are getting a hot wind from Africa. The cold weather is suppose to return on Tuesday. Saturday was the only nice weekend night we have had this whole summer. The good news is my flowers all love the rain. The bad news is I can not sit in the wet garden most of the time!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

hair cut

The funny things they say

Yesterday we had watermelon with lunch. I told the kids to put the rind in the compost pile. Philip said that the compost trash had worms on it. Then he said the worms will become flies. Then he said that caterpillars become butterflies. I said "yes, that's right". Next, Thomas said, "and dolphins become whales"!

Love triangle

Thomas was adopted when he was almost 7 years old. He was treated like a spoiled baby until we adopted him. We have been firm with him. We don't allow him to act like a baby anymore. He has grown a lot. He isn't very good at making friends. He is however desperate for friends outside the family. That is normal for a boy almost 10 years old. He has made friends with Philips old best friend. That's OK with Philip. The real problem is Thomas is only the back up friend for this other boy. I call him the weekend friend. When friend number one isn't free, Thomas gets to play. It is like a love triangle. Thomas puts up with it because he doesn't have any other friends. I personally hate watching it! I wish there were more boys he could play with. He(Thomas) gets grumpy and mean because he feels so sad. I think it all has to do with this wanting a friend, and feeling like you are only the 2ND choice! Nicole also had this problem when she was Thomas’ age. Then God gave her a great "best" friend. It was such a great gift. Thomas needs a best friend...not a hand me down friend.

Friday, July 13, 2007

First reading lesson

I just got my new book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and started with lesson number one. Philip was so proud and happy he could do the exercises easily. He learned to say mmmm instead of m, and ssss instead of s. The program teaches the kids to say letters the way they sound. They begin very basic, and build lesson after lesson. I'm really excited. So is Philip! I will be honest with you, I wish I could teach him at home. It is so hard to send him to an over crowded class room where I know his worth is destroyed every day. He can learn. He just needs more help then a "normal" child. He is so proud when he learns. I wish Germany would allow me to keep him home, but they don't allow it! Please pray God gives us wisdom about what would be best (or the next best thing). I see no good answers, but I am not about to stop looking. Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened! I am so proud of Philip! He will learn.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No school yet

We have no school for Philip yet. The school that looked good...was not good for him. We are still looking.

The tests

Philip had a full day of medical tests yesterday. Jessica also had tests. First, Juergen took Philip to the Neurological children's clinic in Heidelberg. They examined Philip and took blood to check on possible digestive issues. Philip was super shy during there interview. He didn't say a word. I'm sure they wondered if he could talk at all! Juergen said he was a totally different child once he left the building. He was laughing, skipping, and singing. The Neurologist said there was only a 1% chance they would find anything that would help Philip. Now that's encouraging!!!
Then we took Thomas to a good friends house, and drove a very long distance for the next Dr's appointment. It was an expert on the biomedical causes and treatment for Autism. The appointment was for Jessica. The Dr interviewed us for 2 1/2 hours. She was very knowledgeable. She asked us all sorts of questions about Jessica's life, birth, treatment and diet. We will be running blood tests, urine and stool samples, and hair samples. The tests will determine if Jessica needs to go back on a special diet again. We will also eventually be detoxing her from heavy metal poisoning. There is also a possibility she may still be effected by the herpes B6 virus she received a vaccination for 10 years ago. It perhaps never cleared her body. That's being checked. If it's a problem she will need very high does of anti viral medication. I'm hoping we don't need to go back to a special diet, but if we do that's OK.
Philip will have blood work done, then we will begin detoxing him from Mercury. He will need many vitamins and minerals between detox rounds. You give the medication 3 days on, 11 days off. He has to have blood and urine samples every 4-6 weeks. Hopefully detoxing him will help with his learning problems. They say Mercury makes you feel like your brain is in a cloud. Everything is foggy. Philip also has very weak hands. This is a sign of metal poisoning. Jessica also has very weak hands. I'm sure we would never known anything about heavy metal poising if it were not for Jessica and her autism. If this really helps Philip, he owes a great deal of credit to his big sister.
We were in the car 7 hours yesterday. Philip, Sarah, and Jessica did pretty good on the trip. We are very tired today. Sarah is really cranky today. I think Dr's and traveling stress her out. We need some quite today. I want to thank you for your prayers. I do believe it was a good trip.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A very short update

Hi, We had a very long day. It was over 7 hours in the car. The kids were good. The Dr. appointments were helpful. I'm very tired. I will write more tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One mans trash is another mans treasure

I found this really cool green chair in the trash today. I found this cool rocking chair in the trash last year. I love this cool old wicker!

Amy & Juergen

A day of tests

Tomorrow Philip will have a whole day of medical tests. First in the Neurological Children's clinic in Heidelberg, then in Dusseldorf at a specialist for biomedical causes of brain disorders. It will be a long day. We hope we have some direction for Philip at the end of the day, and not just gloomy news about how terrible he really is! Some doctors are really good at saying "boy lady, your son is really, REALLY delayed", but don't have any idea what to do about it! I don't want to know he is delayed. I know that already. I want help!!! Please pray we get some real help for Philip.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What they say in the car

I took Thomas, Philip, Sarah, and a friend of Thomas' to the jump in this afternoon. In the car Philip and Thomas started talking about Pippi Longstocking (one of the only DVDs I let them watch right now). Thomas says, "Pippi is dead. She died hundreds of years ago. She has gone to heaven and is now an angel". Philip says, "no, she is not dead. She is on video tape"! Juergen has to work on Thomas' understanding of Angels...but it made me laugh!

My Sunday School class in Action

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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Juergen took Philip, Thomas, and Sarah to ride a summer bobsled today. He will meet up with an old friend and his family. I'm home working on my Sunday school lesson. To be honest with you I've mostly been getting some rest. I've had a cold I can not seem to shake. I needed a day of real rest. Jessica took a nap, and Nicole is also enjoying the quite.
I found a local school that at least looks like it might have "possibilities" for Philip. They have all day school (most German grade school classes are only from 8:30 until 12:30), the first and 2ND grades are together so if he is behind he has a chance to catch up. They do special education in the school, and keep the kids mainstreamed, they also have a large number of international kids who get special German as a second language help. Any way, it sounds perfect, it's a public school too so it's free. I'm not sure if it is as good as it sounds, but I'm going to check it out. I'm also not sure if they have a place for Philip...but if it the right school for him I'm sure God will provide a place too! Thank you for your prayers.

- I thought the sand sculpture was pretty cool...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

God is faithful

Today Sarah got a visa to stay in Germany until September. I remember being at the German Embassy in Guangzhou China almost 2 1/2 months ago. The sympathetic German official said she was sorry but she could not give Sarah a visa. I felt sick in my stomach. I knew I would need to fly alone with Sarah first to Germany, then after a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt, on to Portland, Oregon. It would be 24 hours on the airplane, and at that point Sarah would not even let me take her to the toilet or hold her hand. We arrived in Frankfurt, after a nightmare flight and Sarah was so traumatised the kind officials at the airport gave me 4 weeks. Then the other officials were saying they could not grant us more time. Now, we have until the end of September. What was impossible was made possible. Please pray with us on behalf of Philip. I do not see any answer, but I am so grateful God can still work out every detail. I believe home schooling would be the very best thing for Philip, or a small class with only 6 students. I can not see an answer...but then school does not start until September 10TH, so I guess we have some time!

Oh, the boys had a sports day at school today. It was a jog-a-thon to raise money for children's cancer research. Most of the kids ran around the track 6 times, some even made it around the track 9 times but Thomas ran 12 times around the track (12km or 7.4miles)in the hour. He had the best distance in the school! Philip also did really well! Thomas is our runner...and we sponsored him...killer!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

He is not moving to the USA...

My parents (bless them) offered to take Philip for a year in the USA because they have better educational options for Philip. I'm glad I have a family that cares that much, but I could not part with my goofy Philip for a year...so no way! I don't have a plan, or a school. I do have many closed doors. I guess God will lead me to the only thing still opened. What that is, I don't know! Philip will see a neurologist on the 11Th in the morning, and then we drive 3 hours from here to an autism specialist. She will see Jessica, but has also agreed to test and treat Philip for heavy metal poisoning. He has allot of mercury in his system from dental work they did when he was in Thailand.Having the metal removed may help him think clearly and learn better. It will not give him a school for next year. Please continue to pray for us. Happy 4TH of July! It's not a holiday here, but we are making apple pie, and eating hot dogs.