Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I was spending allot of time looking on eBay for stuff to furnish the house in Leimen. I guess it was fun to think of just how I would furnish the house. What colors I would paint with, what pictures I would put on the walls. But it got really old, really fast. And the reality of just how much work it would take to furnish and decorate a 4 bedroom house was hitting me hard. And I felt sure I do not want to do this! But we may still need to do it. But I am praying for a buyer. And we have 2 families that want to see the house. One will look at it this week, and the other in 2 weeks after the renter moves out. We have a gardener coming next week to redo the back yard. He will put in roll grass. And we will put up a fence. And if we need to furnish it, we will. But I will deal with that in a few weeks if I need to. Instead I'm just working on my own house. I'm DE cluttering everything. And I'm putting up some fall decorations. I'm sadly saying goodbye to a summer that never really was. And I’m trying not to worry about what may be…and doing today all that I can do.

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