Sunday, September 01, 2013

The end of summer news

Summer camp is over. The kids had a great time! Thomas worked at the camp as a jumper (someone who does whatever is needed). Sarah was a camper. Philip actually spent a week helping to set the camp up, and 2 days helping to clean up afterwards. And Nicole helped with the decorations this year. Now we have one more week of vacation. Thomas has a big birthday party on Friday. He turns 16 this week! Sadly the weather has gotten cold. My tomatoes have already started to die. We had 100 beautiful plants, but just a handful of tomatoes. It's been a good year for flowers and pumpkins. An awful year for most everything else! Juergen is up North with his dad. His father’s health is not very good. He will most likely be traveling up to see his dad (Richard) at least once a month. We have 2 requests to rent our house, and 2 more to maybe buy the house. I guess people have returned from summer vacation and are now ready to consider house hunting. I'm hoping we will sell it.

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