Monday, September 02, 2013

the house

Juergen has had to spend allot of time contacting people who have requested to see our house in Leimen. Most want to rent, but a few want to buy. Unfortunately none seem like the sort of folks we want to have as renters. Are there no employed “normal” people left in this world? We have had some pretty questionable single men who have asked to see the house. Why would a single man want a 5 bedroom house? I do not want to know. And then there is the other extreme. Families with 10 people and no income. We had a request from a nice couple last Friday. But Juergen was at his dad’s house this weekend. They signed a rental agreement with someone else on Saturday. Our loss. I’ve gotten over the idea of finding someone for Oct 1st. I feel like we will just need to pay the mortgage a few more months. It’s a sad waste of time and money, but I’m remarkably calm about it. I was feeling so desperate until I turned down the couple that smoked. They would have paid the mortgage Oct 1st but I said no. Once you decide you are going to get picky you might as well wait for what you really want! And no offence to my friends that smoke. I just don’t want to repaint walls that have smoke damage. My sister Shelley told me what a nightmare that can be. It seems crazy to be picky in this economy, but also crazy not to be.

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Shelley Stuewe said...

I think it's better than getting into even a worse position than you are now.