Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I have found on eBay

I've been looking at stuff to furnish our house in Leimen, if we need to. There are allot of good deals. I most likely will not bid on any of these things. We want to wait a few more weeks before we decide to go in that direction. Hopefully we can sell the house before then. But if not, a furnished rental is probably what we will do. So for the Living room I found these leather sofas (2 of them) and a black and white chair. I want to use leather because it's easy to clean. Oh, I also like this chair and table both from the 70's. I think I will paint the room a baby blue with white curtains. Maybe find a glass coffee table and white TV cabinet. And for the dining room I found these chairs and table, and 2 china cabinets (one painted). If you know our house in Leimen, we want to use Philip and Thomas’s old room as the living room and the old living room as a big dining room. And we have 4 bedrooms. Here are some beds I like. I also need to add a desk. These are just ideas. I'm sure all these things will be sold before we decide to furnish the house. But I want it to be bright, and eclectic in style. 2 bedrooms will be kid’s rooms, and 2 with king or queen size beds. I also want to buy some rollaway beds for the living room. So we should be able to sleep 8. What do you think? I also want all the beds to have white hotel sheets, 100% cotton. And I want white dishes, and ceramic pots and pans. Of course internet, a new flat screen TV, a washer and dryer, and new kitchen appliances. As you can see it would be a pretty big investment even if I get everything on eBay. It’s kind of fun to work it all out on paper, but another thing to actually do it. To do it would be allot of money and time. And even then, there is no guarantee it would work. I would much rather sell the house.

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