Monday, November 30, 2009

Less then ideal

My feet hurt because I was shopping all morning. Christmas shopping. I needed to buy stuff for Nicole’s Advent calendar, and Sarah's Christmas gifts. I try to tackle a little bit of the shopping each week. Each of the kids is different and it takes allot of effort and thought to buy their Christmas gifts. I haven't got a clue what to get Juergen, but I'm sure he will buy something for him self. He always does!
Christmas can be stressful for me. I do the decorating, cooking, Advent calendars, and gifts. Juergen brings home the money (no minor thing), but he doesn't feel the weight of the kids expectations. I want it to be nice for them. The nice part for me is just drinking my coffee and listening to the kids play. And if I've done my job well, they are very excited and happy. I actually do not care if I get anything else. I have everything I need, everything I want (well except a farm house, and that will not fit under a tree).
I remember my childhood Christmas's. My brother always got the good stuff. He got the cool hot wheels, and the official NFL football and uniform. I got bathrobes and sweaters. But it was always wonderful for ideal time. Jesus was born in less then ideal circumstances. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for Mary to travel on a donkey when she was about to give birth. How awful to have no place to go, no room or hospital. The very best God has to give us comes in less then ideal circumstances. I thought I would mention this in case some of you are stressed out. I want gifts money can not buy. Joy and peace, good health and freedom do not come in a box. And I want my eyes to be open so I can appreciate how blessed I really am. I'm drinking my tea and thinking ...just thinking. The warm black tea taste so good. I think I’ll put on some Christmas music and just give myself a half hour to enjoy this season. I’m making it a goal to enjoy this holiday…not just survive it! Can you relate?

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