Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tomorrow Juergen is taking the day off to visit the University of Hohenheim. This is a 200 year old Agricultural Science school near Stuttgart (just an hour south of us). University is almost free in Germany. In fact, because we have 5 kids I think it is free (all the way through a PhD). Hohenheim is the best University in Germany for Agricultural Science. It is also a very family friendly school. If Nicole gets married and has kids, the University does provide good services to support her and her family so she can continue to study. She is still very interested in studying in America. She has not decided if she wants to be an artist, or a plant scientist. Juergen and I want her near us...but we will support her either way. I must admit I'm glad Juergen could take the day off to take her. All the kids in her class get tomorrow off to look at schools. She was going to look at an art school in Stuttgart (taking the train) but it wasn't anything she was excited about. I called Juergen and asked him if he couldn't take her to this school in Hohenhiem instead. I'm sure my parents will not be happy if she decides to stay in Germany, but I'm sure they can understand why I'm not anxious to let go of my girl so soon. I’m sure she will find a good way for herself. I hope it’s near home…but either way I’m sure it will be very good.

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