Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The look

Juergen and I took a look at a disabled workshop Jessica has been trying for the last 2 weeks. I thought the place was very well run. It was clean, friendly and very organized. The people help pack stuff (like small car parts). Jess hated it. She cried every day. We will just keep looking. They said she could stay one more year in school. I’m trusting we have that extra time to find the perfect place for her. I’m very impressed by the lovely people who spend their life caring for the disabled. They give them a job, and dignity.

Nicole is at the University with Juergen. I'm anxious to see how it goes. They have exchange programs for their students. One of the places she could go for her Masters degree is Thailand. They have a Masters degree in sustainable environments. Very cool! You do 2 semesters in Thailand and one semester in Germany. It only takes 3 years to get a bachelors degree…could be a plan!

Up date...
Juergen loved the school. Nicole liked it too but feels really confused about what she wants to do (a very big choice). I think she should just keep weighing her options...keep looking. She can choose this, but maybe it will be something else that she feels called to. She has 1 1/2 years before she graduates, and even then she does not need to know. The important thing now is information. Look, Look and Look. Line all that good information up and pray. At some point she will just know what is right. Knowledge is power. And Nicole, I know you read my blog…I am proud of you, and I’ll be just as proud of you if you draw pictures for veggie tales, or save Africa from starvation...or just stay home and raise great kids (just?). One may seem more important then the other, but the most important thing is doing what God wants…I love you! You have always been wise, and I know you will be wise now.

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