Saturday, November 07, 2009


We went to see an old farm house that's for sale. It needs too much work. We will check with the heaters guys, the plumbers etc... but I think it's too much for us (too much time and too much money). I enjoyed looking. I'm happy Juergen is open to the idea of a move. If you are our local friend, don't worry. We are only looking at places that would allow us to basically keep our lives. We want to go to the same church and keep most (not all) of our kids in the same schools. I made a slide show of the old house. I love the garden. But I'm 95% sure we will not buy this one.

I learned one of my nieces is expecting a baby, and another niece just lost her baby. I'm so happy for the one, and very sad for the other. How very sad! Both my sisters have lost grandchildren. This breaks my heart. I cried for you...and I am so sorry for your loss.

We just got a report from Philips Dr today. They had told us his tumor was gone. Well, it's not gone. It is still there. I guess they just read the MRI wrong. So we have to check it again. The big problem is we got braces put on his teeth. It's been a mixed news kind of day. I still believe it's an easy tumor to remove. It's on his pituitary gland (Hypophyse). I'm sorry it's still there but I'm going to hold on to the peace God gives.

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