Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I wasn’t really thinking!

Thomas isn’t very good at communicating what he needs.  The truth is, he puts things off until the last minute then tells you in a way you have to guess…kind of like fill in the blanks.  And I guess maybe he was communicating everything to Juergen, and I didn’t get told?  That is the problem with being busy.  Thomas and Juergen are both busy!  But Thomas has a Hochschule graduation tomorrow.  Hochschule  is the lowest level of German high school.  He will be moving on to Realschule  next year.  I am not really considering this as anything special.  It’s like finishing the 11th grade, and moving on to your senior year.  Most people don’t have a big party for this occasion.  But a few kids in Thomas’ class are finishing school now.  For them it is graduation.  So today I have to go buy Thomas something new to wear, and new shoes.  It is a big deal he has done so well in school.  He moved to Germany when he was almost 7 years old.  He had to learn German and English.  I guess I just take it for granted, but he is smart.  Philip struggles to learn.  He will most likely never graduate from Hochschule.  If he graduates from anything, we will party!  I guess it is a matter of expectations.  Both of my boys are gifted in their own way.  I am sure they will both find their place in this world.  And I guess I’m taking Thomas shopping today!

Yes of course he needs new shoes...what was I thinking? Sometimes I really feel like this is not my culture.  Perhaps allot is not communicated because everyone just assumes you already know what to expect.  But we don’t have 3 different levels of high school in America.  And I don’t know what is appropriate in this situation.  In Germany they make a very big deal out of the first day of school.  But when Juergen finished his PHD, he went to some office in a basement of the University to pick up the certificate (no ceremony).  And now Thomas is finishing this stage of his education, but moving forward.  And there is a big party.  But I feel like the party is premature.  But maybe that is because I’m American, and I just don’t get the culture?

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