Friday, July 18, 2014

this and that from a busy life

We have a great deal of things happening around here (but that’s normal). Here are a few photos from Sarah’s soccer try out. She worked hard, and has taken things well. I’m proud of the growth I’ve seen in her attitude. Nicole is planning a 70’s hippy party for her 21st birthday next month. So she painted a VW Bus for her guests to take photos in front of. Our garden continues to grow like a jungle. Some of the tomatoes are ripe now. And we have 100's of tomatoes of all sorts of color and size on the vines. In a short time I'll be overwhelmed making sauce. But I'm looking forward to this! And we already have squash, cabbages, pumpkins, kale, and lots of cucumbers and of course flowers. The corn is high. It really has been a good year in the garden! And I know a storm or any other thing could kill everything. But for now I’m enjoying it. I thank God for this amazing garden! Thomas spent this week at a training camp learning to be a Jr Soccer Coach. So he can officially coach football now. He has been helping to coach for about a year now. Unfortunately time is a problem for him. He has to get tutored in math and German next school year. And he doesn’t have time to coach soccer and also play soccer. He has to decide to drop coaching or playing for one year. He isn’t sure yet what will get dropped. He has to focus on school a little more because he wants to finish well.

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