Sunday, October 06, 2013

The coolest thing happened today. We got a call from a family that saw our house last week. They asked to see it with their parents today. So Juergen and I showed them the house. And they love it and want very much to buy it. So they will talk with the bank on Tuesday. And I pray they can afford it. They were the nicest family. And they love everything about the house...even the small greenhouse in the back yard. And like me, they want a small vegetable garden. Almost every single party that looked at our house said such awful things...just trying to talk us down on the price. It was hurtful. We put so much work into the house, and love into it. But this family said they have not been able to sleep because they love it. And that was such a gift. I hope they can afford it, but even if it does not work out, I'm grateful for the attitude they had. We are already getting replies on our rental ad. But God knows how much we would love to sell the house.

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