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A big day!

Today Juergen and I went to the notary appointment and signed the sale contact on our house in Leimen. We bought that house 10 years ago, and have not lived there for over 2 years. It will take another 6 weeks before we can stop paying the mortgage, but the end is in sight. And I'm very happy we will soon be able to move on without the responsibility of this house. To be honest, it has not hit me yet. I guess I will feel it when the money starts to flow and I no longer have the responsibility for the house. I know things can still go wrong. I want to celebrate but I guess I need to wait until the middle of December. The deal will be final in December (I hope)! In the meantime, we let them have the keys to paint and renovate. We didn’t need to do that, but felt no reason not to. They are putting in new doors and a fireplace. If they don’t pay for the house we can keep the new doors and fireplace. The handyman they are using is a friend of ours. They are a little overwhelmed. They have to renovate and move. They have to cover the taxes and most of the costs. And they expect their first child in just 2 weeks. We only had to sign a paper. I’m grateful they are going to buy the house. They seem like a really nice family and I wish them all happiness! We signed the papers and set into motion what we have desired for 3 years now. I expected to feel more. It really will take a while for this to feel real.


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chicken coop idea

Why not start with an IBC and cut a hole for the door? You could build closed laying boxes into it, and something for the chickens to roost on. Put some straw or saw dust on the floor. You could add vents to the side for air. If it sat inside a chicken run that you can walk into, the chickens could be safe, dry and happy. I have an extra IBC. Maybe this could be my chicken house? I bet I could even plant the outside of it with mud and grass for extra insulation and good looks.

I love the idea

I think I've loved old stuff my whole life. I love 2nd hand stores so much more then new stores. And a container house is really just taking what is old and using it in a new way. It's cheaper to build with and good for the earth.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Juergen worked all day at the old house. This is after working every night there after work. My poor sweetheart is so tired! And he showed the house to 3 different families. It was too big for all of them. 2 families had no children, and one had a baby. It has 5 bedrooms, why do they look at all? And Sarah had a 2 hour cry over cleaning her bedroom. I think the cry had more to do with Juergen being gone all the time. We are feeling a little beaten up. I'm sure it will be OK, but it's hard not to feel discouraged. Part of this is just being too tired. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. " Proverbs 13:12 We are feeling the pain of a sick heart, but still hoping for the tree of life. I hope it all get’s resolved soon. And for tonight, that we can rest. Everything looks dark when you are too tired!