Saturday, October 26, 2013

new beds in the garden

Juergen was thinking of having a bath tub built in our bathroom. I love baths but we don't actually have a tub. But if we built a tub, we would also replace the bathroom tile. And it would cost at least 2000 Euro. Most likely more...much more. And I don't feel comfortable with the costs. I want to have the house painted next year, and we have Juergen's 55th birthday party, and our 25th wedding anniversary, and our kids really want to travel to Thailand again (and so do I). So I said we better wait on the new bathroom. Instead I asked Juergen to build me some more raised garden beds from shipping pallets. And he did. They look awesome! I'll post pictures when the soil is delivered. So I got shipping pallets and dirt for my birthday gift...and a day of help in the garden. And I'm very happy with that! My birthday is on Monday and I'm going to be 52 believe it or not. I forget my age. I was thinking I was going to be 53. I even wrote 53 on my birthday party invitations, and had to change it to 52. I really should remember stuff like that!

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Shelley Stuewe said...

You are a passionate gardener. I get the annual gift of compost every year.
Happy birthday early.