Monday, April 18, 2011

the box

The day went very well. We tossed out a Mt of stuff. The good stuff is already gone. People drive around and take what is good. The real junk gets picked up tomorrow morning. We got some more sorting done, and loads of stuff gets taken to the second hand shop! Juergen talked to a lady who wanted our old toys. She runs a day care center. She also knows a family that wants to buy a house. So who knows? Maybe our old toys will help us sell our house? Juergen has one more day home then he goes back to work for 2 days. Then he has at least 4 days off because of Easter. He may take a few days off next week too. I'm encouraged we will get our house ready to sell by May.
Nicole is also busy getting ready to hand in her portfolio. She is making a box to put the art in (my idea). I had a dream that she handed her art in to the academy in a box that looked like a house. So Nicole made a box from cardboard. Now she is painting it. It is going to be great! I found an old satin sheet she can line the box with. Juergen will drive her to the University to hand the portfolio in. We are all pretty excited! I hope she gets accepted! She has been a great artist her whole life! What a dream to study art for 5 years at a real Art Academy! Anyway, the box is very cool! it was my idea but I could never create such a cool box!

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