Friday, April 08, 2011

Trying to figure it out

I did a sample add on Immoblien scott (an on line real estate site) today. I didn't post it yet, but figured out how to post an add with them. They cost 99 Euro for 3 months, but everyone reads their site. I have to finish packing and cleaning before I post anything. We also need to get the bathroom finished. They start the bathroom next week (God willing). The material for the new bathroom is in the garage, so my boxes are still in the living room. In fact we can hardly walk in the living room. I cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets with bleach today. I also washed all the stuff I had stored up there. That's all packed away. I will get rid of some of it. And I scrubbed under the base boards. If I don't get a good price for my kitchen, I may just keep it. I'm afraid I also bought 6 more window boxes and flowers for those boxes. We have 3 balconies. I figure its good curb appeal to have beautiful flowers everywhere. So tomorrow I'll plan to plant window boxes. I'm also cleaning out a storage room so I can put boxes there. There is so much in my living room it feels like I'm making no progress. But I know that's not true!


Shelley said...

You and Lissa are doing the same thing. Lissa and Nate made an offer on a home and hopefully it will close at the end of the month.

caring for the garden said...

Not just you and Lissa, Bridget and Chris are closing on a new house too. They will be moving in May. This sort of reminds me of when we bought our house. Chuck and Jeanie and Dan and Sherrie also bought houses within a few months of each other. Rosie also bought a house about the same time, but I can't remember just when. Must run in families, this moving business. I know all of you are excited and I am excited for all of you. Mom