Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some garden work

The weather is so nice I could not stay inside! I started to plant hanging baskets and window boxes. I also bought some lettuce starts. Yesterday we planted about 300 seeds. We will have flowers, tomatoes, and other veggies in about 4-6 weeks. Juergen and I got to go out to breakfast together. That was very special. I guess I'll get back to the cleaning and packing tomorrow! I just couldn't pass up the sunshine! I'm putting rock garden plants and perennials in my window boxes. They had them on sale at the store. I know they will out grow the boxes, but I want them in my new garden. I figure they will be better off being in a smaller space this season, and I'll transplant them in the fall! It’s very exciting to think of the space we will have! Hopefully everything will work out Ok. I had a hard time sleeping because I’m so nervous about selling our house. I hope and pray we can sell it right away. I do not want to be spending money on 2 houses. We couldn’t afford that for 2 long…and it’s such a huge waste of money! But God knows what we need. I can do my best…but the real control belongs to God, and not me!

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