Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I say no to Berlin!

Here is Nicole's finished box. I think it's pretty cool! I also have a photo of the award Thomas just got for playing soccer. His team won. It was a school tournament. He was the goal keeper! Good job Thomas!!!! I'm pretty stressed over a situation at Jessica's school. Her class is going to Berlin May 2-6. But Jess has become really violent and aggressive at school. I guess she has been hitting and pinching other kids and teachers. This has gone on for 3 weeks, but they never told us. Then last night I went to the parent night. They told me about Jessica's problem and asked me why this is happening! Like I had the answer! Jess is fine (even sweet) at home. I had zero idea this was happening. After some thought it became clear to Juergen and I Berlin (or the anxiety about the trip) is the problem. And with all the changes Jess needs to deal with right now, I do not think she should be forced to go. She has to move to a new school. That is a big enough challenge for her. This trip is pushing her over the edge. Unless she clearly says (writes) she wants to go to Berlin, we are not going to send her. I know that one of her teachers has gone to a great deal of work planning and preparing this trip. She will not be happy if we keep Jess home. But she is also angry that Jessica is such a problem in school. She is angry that Jessica is so aggressive. So we have to make the choice to disappoint this teacher, because we are only considering what is best for Jessica. In any normal season a trip would be good for Jessica, but Jessica is also going to do a practical week at the new school. In this context we feel it's just too much change at once! I basically got no sleep thinking about this situation. I am sure that Berlin is the problem. It’s not like Jessica has never gone anywhere before. I feel like the only stress she should have to deal with is the stress of a new school. That is stress enough.

UP DATE: I guess Jess wrote that she would like to go to Berlin with her class. It is the fact that she will have to change schools that is stressing her out. Now she would have to change schools even if we did not move. She is almost 20 years old. It is time to move on. I do not know what to think. We have a meeting about funding for the new placement May 17Th. If she gets the funding for her personal aide, we will probably allow her to accept the placement. If she doesn't get an aide, I will most likely keep her at home. I would keep looking for a better option, but I'm not placing her in Bruchsal with out an aide. And then only with a good aide! I do not have any stress about this. I am trusting God for direction. I am sure things will become clear in time. But as far as Berlin, I will just have to see how Jessica is doing in a week. If she seems OK, and wants to go I'll let her go. But if she looks like she will totally freak out, I will keep her at home. I know her teachers have gone to a great bit of trouble to make this work, and I hope it does work. But I will not send her just to send her! I need to have peace that it is best for Jessica. And Jessica will show us how she feels...if she really feels OK going. That is one good thing about being home. I can keep her at home if it's righ. I don't feel the added stress of finding someone to watch her because of my job.


caring for the garden said...

Cool award Thomas. Congratulations on winning it. For Nicole, that is quite the stand out box. I'm sure it will catch the judges ege.
Hang in there Amy.

Shelley said...

congrats Thomas, cool box Nichole.