Friday, April 29, 2011

Please pray

Juergen took the day off to work on our house. I listed our house for sale on a new site. We have gotten a dozen replies already. One of the people that replied is the brother of one of our neighbors (from across the street). We wanted to wait and do one open house on May 14Th. They said they really want to see our house now. They would love to live near each other. And the daughter of our next door neighbor is also interested in seeing the house (as a rental). It's encouraging! We will show the house to the brother of the neighbor across the street tomorrow afternoon. I prayed (even a month ago) that this neighbor would have a friend buy our house. They have younger kids. Cousins living close to each other...what a gift that would be! I would be so blessed if they would buy our house! I would also be blessed to have it sold, and not to have any worry about it! That would be such grace! Please pray the brothers family loves our house, and buys it right away! The bathroom is not finished. The garden is not very clean. We are still working on things. We planed to show it May 14th. But they said this does not matter. They really love the location! They have been looking in our area. It could be a very good thing for them and for us. I want the family that gets our house to be very happy here!

Juergen is painting today. He is not happy with his messy spray gun! It is not very neat...

Juergen is also at our new house with the architect. Hopefully everything is in good order. The bank said we were getting a very good deal! And we want some idea of the cost of renovation. We should get some answers today.

I saw the wedding today. It was on at noon our time. I went to a birthday party first. then came home early for the wedding. Sarah loved watching a princess get married! It was beautiful! I think it is good to see a future king and a royal wedding. We are the bride of Christ (the Church is). We will be part of a royal wedding too.

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I loved the service of the wedding