Sunday, April 17, 2011

a new list...and it's a long one!

Tomorrow we go through the house and toss out all sorts of stuff. It gets picked up on Tuesday. All the old electronic stuff, extra furniture etc...
It will take all day to go through the house top to bottom and toss, toss, toss!
And then we finish packing away what is "extra". Extra dishes, extra chairs, extra everything. Most people do not have 5 kids and an extra large table. We have to take a leaf out of the table and store 2 chairs. This will make the dining room bigger. We may put book selves in storage etc... Our house is too full. We have 7 people living here. It is really a house for 4 or 5 people. And then comes the painting, and cleaning. Washing door frames, cleaning windows, waxing floors! I get tired just thinking about it! But it has to happen! Then we buy small things like hallway rugs, and new bath towels. It's all for the look of things. And new flowers by the front door! A new welcome mat. Maybe even new furniture in the front hallway (new coat hangers). Juergen only has until Tuesday. Then maybe he can take more days off next week. Friday and next Monday are holidays. But we shouldn't work on good Friday. I actually rested today too. If I can sleep (and not worry all night) I should be rested for the next push to get things done! God please give us grace. We will try our best...but we are never going to be perfect!

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