Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not my stuff...not my house

When I clear everything out of the house I'm trying to picture how the place might look to others. I can not see it as my stuff. Instead I must see it as a house that is for sale. All my extra stuff is valuable to me, but is it so valuable I'm willing to keep it and have it clutter up my house? What if it takes us months and months to sell? Is my stuff worth the extra months? That's going to cost us allot of money. Do I want the stuff that much? I need to be ready to just toss it out! Our house needs to be clean, and clear of all the clutter. This is so hard! I will be brave...I will just toss it! Please pray for me to just toss it all! Nothing is worth the extra months of our house on the market. It all should just go!


Dianna said...

Amy you are brave look at it this way, If your house was burning down you had to get out what would you keep? What could not be replaced? What is really important?Be ready like the ladys with the oil lamps waiting for the bridegroom!

Shelley said...

Great advice Dianna, I need to declutter too even tho I'm not moving.