Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the news of today

I drove Nicole to the University of Karlsruhe to drop off her art portfolio. She finds out in July if they will invite her to an interview (maybe June). She was the only one with a handmade portfolio that was also an art piece. I hope the professors appreciate the work she went to. I think her creativity is awesome, but maybe they will see it in another light? I think they will value her creativity? It is an art academy.

The people are here working on the bathroom today, and tomorrow. It's loud. And the kids are home on vacation. The kids run in and out. The dog barks. It's loud! My head hurts! The bathroom will take one more week...maybe 10 days. They took our shower out today, so no shower for another week. The bank took pictures of the house we are buying. They said we are getting a very good deal. I guess I feel a little over whelmed. I need God's grace today. I should not try to think too far ahead...I just need help for this day!

Today Sarah decided to play guitar. So Nicole gave her one of her small guitars. Sarah also helped me make an awesome dinner from the leftover beef we had for Easter. It was Beef Stroganoff…and boy was it good! Jessica has been in a really great mood. I am talking with her daily about Berlin. Hopefully she will be OK to go on Monday. I have bought her a new suitcase as an Easter gift. Today I bought her a really cute jeans jacket. I’m going to sew beads on her jacket to make it even cuter. Juergen is painting the kitchen tonight. I bought a nice sand colored paint. It should brighten the room up. We have not painted the kitchen for 8 years.

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