Saturday, April 16, 2011

getting it done

Juergen got so much done today! I had a list and he finished it today! I am done sorting my bedroom. I had 2 giant bags of cloths to give away. Now I'm busy going through the storage room. It's full of the kids first grade art, toys and baby cloths. I'll keep most of this stuff, but there are things to toss. It's amazing how much junk has piled up over the years. It's a very good time to toss things. Juergen is very happy because he just loves to get rid of stuff! The worker did not come to do the bathroom today. His hand was bothering him. He needed to give it a rest. I sure hope he is able to finish the job! Juergen also bought himself a new toy...a paint gun! I wanted a paint gun...and I know we will use it allot!

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Shelley said...

It's that time of year to clean things up and get ready to move.