Sunday, April 24, 2011

The new washer

So a family of 7 can not live long with out a washer. We looked online and found this super sized machine (11 kg) on sale on Amazon. We got an extra 5 year warrantee. It will hopefully come by Wed. I talked Juergen into the bigger machine. We have an 8 kg machine now. But I use the washer 2- 3 times per day (some times even more). I maybe able to cut the use in half, or at least by one third. Less use will mean less wear and tear on the machine. Also less work for me. And we should be able to hang the cloths up on clothlines in the basement furnace room. This way we will save money and energy by not using a cloths dryer. So even if the unexpected cost hurts, I think we made a wise investment. Hope you had a nice Easter. All our days are very full but also pretty good. I feel glad!

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