Saturday, August 13, 2011

I can not sleep

It's so late. I guess I'm worried about tile! Such a silly thing to worry about! It felt good to have tile order...that decision made. But now the tile order is canceled, and we need something on Monday. Most places don't keep a large stock, you need 10 days to order things. So we hope we can just walk into a store and buy what we want tomorrow. I looked at 4 stores today, and I didn't like anything. The only thing Juergen and I can agree on is travertine, and it cost allot! But we found cork on sale for 1/3 the normal price. So I can put cork in Jessica’s TV room, our office and Philip and Thomas' rooms. The savings makes up for the expensive travertine tile. So perhaps that's what we will do...unless we can find another thing that we both agree upon? We move in a week from Monday. We have so much to finish, and so little time. I need sleep!

They prepared the foundation for the upstairs tile floor. They also sanded the hardwood floor in my bedroom. Juergen kept working on the windows in the boy’s rooms. I bought 2 mattresses for Jessica’s big bed. We showed our house 2 times (not 3). I got up very early to clean. I bought a garden book. I look forward to getting past the move! It’s fun and creative to renovate…but enough is enough!

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Shelley said...

renovation is hard, and we are in the middle of it too. Hang in there I keep telling myself, I really don't have any other options. We will get through it.