Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are so close and yet so far!

Juergen is at the house with the kids. they had to clean all the dust and dirt left from breaking open the walls. Then they need to wallpaper the boys rooms. I'm sad the boys rooms will not be finished when we move in. The handworkers got delayed at an other building site. They ran way behind on our project. The boys will just have to sleep in Nicole’s room. Nicole will sleep in Sarah’s room. Nicole has to help at another summer camp. She will not be home for most of the next 2 weeks. The timing is pretty bad! It's bad for our friends too. Most are on vacation so we have very little help from friends. We would have been on vacation too, so I can not really complain! It's just bad timing for us! We will manage. Please, if you do have some time to give us, let us know! I'm home packing again. I already packed the rest of the kitchen this morning. We will have to use paper plates for the next few days. Maybe longer because the kitchen counter tops maybe delayed until Thursday or Friday. Juergen has all of next week off. So we can slowly put the cabinets together, build the kitchen, and work on the boys rooms. It's going to take us a month or more to get things put away. There is also everything at the old house to arrange (plants to move, the house to clean and perhaps paint). But slowly and surely it will all get done! It's such a lovely house! I'm so blessed I can hardly believe this is really happening. I'm trying very hard to keep focused and keep working. Nicole brought lice home from summer camp. So again I'm washing everything. We spent 40€ on the shampoos. I washed my hair and Jessica's hair 2 times this week. Jess also has some stomach issues. Loads of extra dirty diapers. It seems everything happens at once! But it's always like that! Please just pray god gives us a good attitude, and provides us the help we need. We are teaching our kids to work. That was one of our main goals. I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity. It is not so easy with 5 kids and one with autism. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to live a full and awesome life. I could have played it safe…taken the easy road. I’m so glad we took the hard road.

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Shelley said...

theres less traffic on the hard road.