Monday, August 29, 2011

more from today

We got our new garage built today. It went up in only a few hours. The foundation was poured last week. I’ll use this garage for all my garden tools. The lawnmower, wheel barrow, pots and dirt. It will be my own personal workshop. They still need to go to Leimen to pickup the door my brother Rick painted. They will charge us 200€ to switch doors, but there was no question we want the painting! I also plan to build a covered pergola off the garage. I want the kids to store their bikes under the pergola. We may get a woodstove someday. A stack of wood can also be stored there. And of course I want grapes and roses and even kiwi (just like in Leimen).
I took the kids to see Rio in 3D. They have a special summer program at the theater for kids. They show “older” films at a lower price. So I dropped Philip, Sarah and Thomas off to see Rio. Then Jessica and I went to IKEA to buy storage boxes for Thomas’ Lego. I bought Jessica a snack. Then we picked up the kids. We went to Leimen to take out the trash. I also checked the basement. It seems like it is dryer, not worse! The people can not come until Thursday to deal with the cleanup. But at least it’s not worse. Juergen is picking up the new counter tops for the kitchen. The kitchen will be installed (God willing) tomorrow! There are also people coming tonight to even out Philips floor. Perhaps Juergen can even lay down Philip’s floor tomorrow after work? Juergen seems very anxious to get the house finished. He doesn’t look tired at all…just driven. I think it will be pretty livable in a week! I will be glad to have some order back.

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Rick Moreno said...

How humbled I feel that you are saving the painting.