Thursday, August 18, 2011

more juice and more boxes

Yesterday was pretty awful! Jessica was really stressing me out. But Juergen took me on a tour of the house. They are destroying the place! Giant holes are in the basement walls, and they took out the windows in the back. But today new windows will come. The boys will have beautiful natural light in their rooms. The hall tile is half done, today it will be finished. It is really beautiful! Nicole and Thomas are putting in a floor in Nicole’s room. Juergen and Philip plan to put up photo wall paper. So God willing the great wall of China will be in my kitchen tonight! Sarah and I are packing. I'm about 70% done with the kitchen. I finished 90% of the living room. I'm almost finished with the bathroom. Just one more drawer to pack. I'm going to finish all my books, cloths and office stuff today. Hopefully all that remains is the Christmas stuff and one small storage room, and garden stuff. I want to wallpaper tomorrow and Saturday. I talked to one of our neighbors today. He asked if we had sold our house. I said no, but I was not worried. I did not lie. I am too busy to worry. I am picking my grapes and making juice. I’m packing my bags. Worry will just have to wait.

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