Friday, August 05, 2011

Day 5

I only really got to touch up some paint in the living room. Jessica wouldn't stay at the house. I bought large rolls of paper to protect our floors. Juergen used the spray gun to paint the ceilings in the upstairs and living room. He finally got the hang of it, and now likes it. I bought a small rototiller to till the garden. I hope to make very large flower boarders in the front of the house. I'd like to start moving my plants soon. We pick Thomas and Nicole up from camp tomorrow. We take Philip and Nicole back to camp on Sunday. I'm not sure we will have much time to work at the house this weekend. I have mixed feelings. I love the house, we are making progress, but I'm frustrated about my personal ability to get things done. I feel like I have my hands tied, Jessica is not really helping! Juergen says he will take care of Jessica this weekend so I can try to work on the house.

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